Russian Gay Pride Parade for the Eurovision Song Contest

So, today, Moscow wouldn’t allow demonstrations for gay rights. That’s not very modern, is it?

In 1716, Tsar Peter the Great enacted a ban on male homosexuality in the armed forces. The prohibition on sodomy was part of a larger reform movement designed to modernize Russia and efforts to extend a similar ban to the civilian population were rejected until 1835.[1] Furthermore it is unclear how serious this initial ban was, given that Peter the Great himself was known to have had male lovers.[2]

– wikipedia

They’re not allowing freedom of sexuality, love, friendship et cetera.

The occasion for the demonstration is the Eurovision Song Contest, which is about nationalism and xenophobia, but in a civilized way, just like sports.

“I am so proud to be Russian when I hear that one more sodomite march was prohibited in my country. I sometimes wonder if there are countries in Europe where Christian values are protected enough to ward off sodomites.

Sodomy is a sin. The Bible says so very clearly.”

– youtube user

It’s of course not just Christians who have this opinion and of course not all Christians think this way. People have this view for a long list of personal reasons. Is there really a difference between members of “the gay resistance” in different countries? Are Russia, EU, US, China, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria et cetera really that different?


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