Sri Lanka is now Peaceful – Bullshit!

The President of Sri Lanka has declared that the 25-year-old war against the Tamil terrorists/freedom fighters has come to an end and that “Sri Lanka is now peaceful”.

The Tamils of course deny that their leader has been killed. Check out some clips on youtube provided by this Sri Lankan journalist group vikalpa:

Here are some youtube comments on the many crimes against humanity committed by both sides:

“Discrimination is not the issue for this conflict. there 80% of tamils work in good possitions by that time. There were enoth ppl live in harmony with sri lankans in colombo. This war started bcoz of fanatical concept of seperate state. Wich is unrealistic in everyway in this country”

“The tamils in sri lanka should go back to india where they belong. sri lanka belongs to sinhala people only.”

“Next phase: one million Singhalese should be sent to rebuild the north. Give Jaffna, Killinochchi and Mulaithivu new Sinhala names and ban Tamil and English use there. The Tamils who support the LTTE can piss off to TN and the West. Those who remain will be happy to convert to Buddhism and take Sinhalese names”

Religion and language are huge parts of a people’s culture. To put that comment into perspective, 350 years ago Sweden occupied the eastern part of Denmark, banned the native language and conducted a bit of ethnic cleansing, as is customaryl. Today some of the 1 million inhabitants of this region of (now) Sweden gather at the regional border yearly to dig a ditch separating the region from the rest of Sweden. Still they do this, after 350 years of being “Swedish”. To be fair though, they mostly gather just to have an excuse to drink beer.

“now that the LTTE is finished, the Eelam lickers must be deported to India, all diaspora Tamils must be BANNED from SRi Lanka and lose SL citizenship. Pro-LTTE countries like NOrway must also be banned. Tamil women should not be raped…they should be sterilised in clinics so they can’t bear any more monkeys”

Youtube is always full of hate and at the same time these opinions should be taken seriously because regardless of whether they’re representative or not, they clearly indicate what can be seen in so many other places around the world. People group themselves, label themselves the righteous ones and demonize the other peoples. The fighting will continue in Sri Lanka and the outside media will forget about once again. Just like the monks in Burma have been forgotten.

Origins of the Sri Lankan Civil War

The future? Suffering.


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