Pear Tree Rust on the Increase in Sweden

Fungi is spreading from Asian trees. The reason we are vulnerable to these kinds of threats is that we homogenize our environment. The nature is being adapted to humans, fewer crops dominate, different types of environments, like wet lands and forests are converted into fields for human agriculture. With this follows rats, pigeons, bacteria and virus adapted to the humanized ecology. The more we spread our ecology, the more room our followers get.

The settlement of Australia by Indigenous Australians more than 40,000 years ago, and by Europeans from 1788, has significantly affected the fauna. Hunting, the introduction of non-native species, and land-management practices involving the modification or destruction of habitats have led to numerous extinctions. Some examples include the Paradise Parrot, Pig-footed Bandicoot and the Broad-faced Potoroo. Unsustainable land use still threatens the survival of many species. To target threats to the survival of its fauna, Australia has passed wide-ranging federal and state legislation and established numerous protected areas.


It’s also easier for life forms to spread the more we transport organic materials, mostly in the form of humans, whose bodies are inhabited by a multitude of life forms.


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