Oil Giant Shell Accused of Ogoni Murders – Still no Justice

In the news today:

14-year-old trial still being post-poned. This time from monday to wednesday.

From BBC, 1995:

“The activists were condemned to death 10 days ago after being found guilty of involvement in four murders.

Mr Saro-Wiwa insisted they were framed because of their opposition to the oil industry in the Niger-Delta region of southern Nigeria.

At his trial Mr Saro-Wiwa said the case was designed to prevent members of his tribe, the Ogoni, from stopping pollution of their homeland and getting a fair share of oil profits.

Dozens of Ogonis have been imprisoned by the military regime led by General Sani Abacha who seized power two years ago”

Youtube comments:

“since when does ANY corporation care about humanity over profits? that’s why they go over-
seas, where they can pollute and disturb those without voices”

“More brown people suffering at the hands of the dutch, read your Twain on “King Leopold’s Soliloquy””

“Ignorance is bliss.. I hope they make shell pay millions or billions of dollars to the poor people of nigeria.. Lets boycott Shell people its the 21 century this is ridiculous”

“This is just disgusting.. If this is even a quarter true I hope to see all the Shell CEO’s burn in hell.”

“The scandal is that it’s merely a civil case.

There should be a full criminal investigation of Shell to identify the individuals who colluded with the Nigerian junta. If probable cause is satisfied, such individuals should be charged with criminal homicide (by proxy).

If the owner of an American company hired a hit man to murder a U.S. citizen who spoke out against his company’s products, it would be completely uncontroversial that the owner should face homicide charges.”

“The only way to push Shell out of the destruction of the Nigerian delta and murder of social activists . is to picket their petrol (gas ) stations around the world .Shell is controlled by evil sociopaths with the power of a super power ,small wonder they can turn you tube around into a banal sexual comment and moral trivia post board the struggle will continue with or without you”

“God bless peaceful martyrs such as Ken-Sara Wiwa… Never forget what they are doing on all of our behalf”

“Rothschild are the main stock and power brokers of Royal Dutch Shell. Rumor has it that their the richest family on the globe with seats on trade and banking boards around the world, not to mention a rumored estimated net worth of 491 Trillion. Good luck with that law suit, they own the courts to.”

“I will never buy gas from shell again.”

“I only buy gas from shell. Fuck black people! I need superior gasoline.”


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