The Obama Deception Deception

I was watching the Obama Deception today. It’s made by Alex Jones, a fairly well-known conspiracy theorist. The movie tries to prove that Obama is the puppet of the Bilderberg Group and that the Bilderberg Group are actively trying to create “global enslavement”, although no specifics are given as to the nature of this global enslavement. It’s not difficult to dismiss the movie on it’s lack of substance behind the rhetoric, yet it’s got 2 million views on youtube and a 4.5/5 rating.

However, I wanted to show by an example what I mean by lack of substance behind the rhetoric, even though an example by definition is never comprehensive.

The movie “proves” that Obama and Clinton attended a Bilderberg group meeting. They say:

“By June of 2008 we had already figured out that Barack Obama was the elite’s  puppet of choice. The national media claimed that during the weekend the Bilderberg group was scheduled to meet, that [sic] Obama had speaking engagements set for Chigago in the mid-west. We knew better. In a classic bait-and-switch the Obama campagin told the press corp to get on obamas campaign plane and that obama would join them on the flight to Chicago. Campaign staff then slammed the door shut…”

Obama was not on the plane, his where-abouts had been kept from the media.

This is from Alex Jones’ Prison, June 6:

“According to news reports, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton [held their secret meeting] – not at Hillary’s mansion in Washington – but in Northern Virginia, which also just happens to be the scene of the 2008 Bilderberg meeting.

‘Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane,’ reports the Associated Press.

Dulles just happens to be walking distance from the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly where Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and the rest of the Bilderberg globalists are convening.

What is the only political ‘event’ taking place in Northern Virginia at the moment? The Bilderberg Group meeting of course. Rather than taking the easier option of meeting at Clinton’s Washington mansion, Obama and Hillary went out of their way to grace the Bilderberg elitists with their presence.”

This is from CBS on the same day:

“After a campaign rally in Bristow, Virginia, the traveling press corps following the Obama campaign was whisked away to Dulles Airport outside of Washington, D.C., to board a flight to Chicago, reports CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic.”

So, the Bilderberg group was having their meeting that weekend in Dulles, D.C., and Obama and Clinton came from a campaign rally in Bristow, Virginia. Thus the thursday(!) event in Bristow, Virgina was not the Bilderberg weekend meeting at Dulles, DC.

From the CBS article again:

“According to campaign staffers, Obama had scheduled interviews with local Chicago television reporters and would meet up at the airport.”

So, why did they trick the reporters into going to Chicago?

Because that Saturday Clinton officially endorsed Obama and before the announcement they met in secret in California.

From the same CBS article:

“California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Friday the two Democratic presidential candidates arrived separately at her home for their Thursday night meeting. Feinstein said she took them to her living room, where they sat “in two comfortable chairs facing one another” and then she left the room. No one else was present during the meeting and nothing was served except water.

“There was a desire on both sides, I think, to have private meeting,” Feinstein said.

The two candidates emerged laughing from their hour-long meeting.

The California senator had gone upstairs to do her own work when the meeting began at 9 p.m. EDT.”

I guess Alex Jones’ notion of “news media” doesn’t include CBS, and appearently only selected quotes from AP (also from June 6):

The Obama Deception narrator concludes the proof by saying:

“The corporate press had to admit, they had no idea where the two candidates had gone, and of this day, Clinton and Obama aren’t talking.”


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