Air France Plane Missing – New Discovery: No Discovery!

The new discovery is that the old discovery was nonsense. The plane is not at all closer to be found. 200 people still missing, and why do we care? Why is this news? Why is a vehicle with 200 people missing the most important news story today? Why is the French government officially upset with Brazil because of the evidence that wasn’t evidence? Is it because humans aren’t supposed to fly? How many died when the Titanic sank? A few thousand…

Every day 25,000 children die.

Watch this very telling clip about the swine flu.

A few comments to that:

“I think Hans’ report misses the point.
The Spanish Influenza in 1918 killed 100 million people taking into account 28 percent less the population back then,would kill 325 million today.
That’s why the Swine Flu’s second wave is such a worry!”

“You’re discounting all the advances made over the last 100 years in medicine (vaccines, intensive care), our ability to respond (paved roads and motorized ambulances) and public hygiene the world over (hand washing).

Screaming bloody murder every time a person dies of flu is misleading and unhelpful. A simple “wash your hands” message would save more lives.”

“Of course! H1N1 is highly contagious, as any flu, but its mortality is barely 1-3%.

press won’t ever show this fact… they just want to sell by saying “the deadly virus”.”


Two headlines today:

“3rd case of swine flu in Gothenburg!”

However, “they are feeling better now.”


“Warning for swine flu in day care center!”

The ‘third case’ has children. However, “No need to close the day care center. Call the hospital if you’re worried, but remember it’s a mild form of flu.”

What a waste of media space…


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