5 Nordic Foreign Ministers Adopt New Declaration of Nordic Cooperation

“On the basis of common interests and geographical proximity it is natural for the Nordic countries to cooperate in meeting the challenges in the area of foreign and security policy in the spirit of solidarity. Increased Nordic co-operation is in line with every Nordic country’s security and defense policy”

Enhanced cooperation in air surveillance, cyber security, civil security and military defense organizations are among the things the ministers wish to further improve.

The five Nordic foreign ministers in Reykjavik

The five Nordic foreign ministers in Reykjavik, Iceland

Let’s play a game called “find 5 similarities”. There are:

5 bottles of water; water packaged in oil.

5 white guys. No black women hiding under the table either.

5 light shirts.

5 dark blue suits.

5 ties. All 5 are differently coloured to show they’re still free individuals and not products of their environment.

5 tiny flags. All 5 have crosses on them. The crosses symbolize Christianity and can be found in other places Vikings and their descendants visited, ironically perhaps. Also in the oldest Christian nations, Georgia, flag and some other flags.

The Danish flag, Dannebrogen “is the oldest state flag in the world still in use, with the earliest undisputed source dating back to the 14th century.” Before Dannebrogen, the Danish are believed to have used the raven flag, Hrafnsmerki.

“Scholars conjecture that the raven flag was a symbol of Odin, who was often depicted accompanied by two ravens named Hugin and Munin. Its intent may have been to strike fear in one’s enemies by invoking the power of Odin… ‘The Anglo-Saxons probably thought that the banners were imbued with the evil powers of pagan idols, since the Anglo-Saxons were aware of the significance of Óðinn and his ravens in Norse mythology.'”

The British flag the Union Jack also happens to have a cross on it.




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