10 % of the Swedish Population Owns a Boat

But, the cops are kind, they say “Our job is to check the lights on the boat, and help them if they drink too much and fall overboard.” So nice, for a violent fascist (not that the individual is fascist, but the system is).

Anyway, today has been mostly about Catholicism and Judaism, which are two denominations of the older Abrahamic faith of the Levant. On the same channel as the vampire series “True blood” there is now a coverage of the conservative Catholics’ evil agendasĀ  and the pope engaged in keeping a low profile concerning the bishop who denied the Holocaust. Now, the problem with the whole Israeli business is that 50 % of all Jews in the world were killed by Germans 60 years ago. That’s not a good premise to any story. And yes, maybe it’s a good thing that Japan disassembled their military after being nuked, but what Israel are doing now is not good, they have to stop because they’re killing people, regardless of the past. Blame religion for this mess? I blame people.

Actually, the biggest story today is that some people robbed “a billion” kronor in what media calls the Helicopter Robbery and the police are criticized because their own helicopters had been made unusable. The police say they’re doing a good job. It’s a dialectic process and potentially progress.

Also, 20 % of Swedes are immigrants (non-Swedes). Oh, the irony, it tastes so irony.

“Why are there 90 % immigrants in this neighbourhood?”

“It’s the Swedes who don’t want to live here.”

“Integration has failed.” – Swedish State Television


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2 Responses to “10 % of the Swedish Population Owns a Boat”

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