The Split Face Diving Accident Video

… is fake.

The video is spreading like a virus online, it came to my attention just a few hours ago, and unfortunately nobody has translated it into English yet. I mention it because it seems millions of viewers don’t even bother to check the source of this video. This is, in brief, what happens in the video:

A guy is diving off a ledge in Corniche, Beirut, slips, smashes his head into a concrete block far below, there’s blood in the water, people gather in the water to assist. Cut to an ER with a doctor holding the two halves of a breathing boy’s face together.

Don’t watch it unless you want to see something you will later wish you hadn’t seen.

The whole clip was put on this blog on July 7th:

and the diving accident was reported on in Lebanese media at the same time.

However, the ER part of the clip was already on the Internet on June 31st:

However, the myth says that the same girl shot both scenes with her Nokia cell phone and that only the diving scene surfaced online at first and then the ER scene was uploaded later the same day.

I’m guessing the blood could be fake, the whole ER scene could be fake, but most likely the connection between the two clips is what’s really fake. I don’t know if the diver survived, but the other guy most likely died shortly after the film was shot. Most people seem to think that that was a 9mm suicide attempt.

If you know Arabic, please translate it to shed some light on this as my research reach has its limits.


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