31 US States have now Banned Gay Marriages

Today the people of Maine voted against gay marriages by a narrow 53 percent votes for the ban and 47 percent against the ban. So far 31 states have voted on the issue and all 31 have voted for a ban. Five states have allowed gay marriages, but not by a popular referendum.

As a comparison, last month, the Swedish Lutheran Church (the former Swedish state church which still has three quarters of the Swedish population as registered members) voted for allowing gay marriages. Some bishops protested but the majority of church leaders have decided that God does not think homosexuality is immoral. However, in the US, God thinks homosexuality is immoral. So, either there are different Gods with different opinions on the issue or the one and only God needs to employ a new head of PR. However, I won’t discuss whether homosexuality is immoral or not according to God, because I don’t believe in God, so God’s opinion on the matter is irrelevant to me.

People who are against homosexuality but don’t refer to God’s morals usually say that homosexuality is unnatural and therefore wrong; sex is between a man and a woman, the penis fits into the vagina like a hand in a glove (size, shape and odour may differ, which is true for hands and gloves as well). This is not a good argument, because humans do a lot of things not just meant to further their genes; like going to the movies, chewing gum, masturbating, hugging, listening to music et cetera. Having a penis in your mouth or in your ass is no more or less natural whether you’re a girl or a boy. It’s just a matter of recreation, what we do for fun or for pleasure. As long as it’s consensual – as long as nobody gets hurt, no activity is ever wrong. This goes for gay guys, lesbians, bisexuals, group-sex participants et cetera as well as for all activities that have nothing to do with sex.

Thousands of animal species are less homophobic than humans. Like chimpanzees. And don’t get me started on plant reproduction.

Also, it doesn’t matter why a person has its sexual preferences, whether it’s genetic or environment, because we all have different taste in wine, music, sex partners, television shows, seasons, wall papers et cetera. It’s just the way it is and there is no judge as to what is right or wrong when it comes to taste, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. (Having a taste for genocide is probably a very bad thing…)


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