Landmark Event in Fusion Power and Bloodshed in India this Summer

The National Ignition Facility in California today concentrated a group of lasers onto a tiny bit of hydrogen to a level of 1 Megajoule over a few billionths of a second. Breaking the Megajoule barrier is a historic event and as all landmarks it has the potential to popularize the estimates in the scientific community, in this case working fusion power plants before 2050. The laser heats the hydrogen to copy the conditions in a star and just like in fission power plants (standard nuclear plants) the reactions will produce energy enough to feed the continuation of the process and give off excess energy to be used as eletricity by humans. Just like fission and the stars, fusion gives off radiation, but it leaves no other radioactive products. If the oil companies wouldn’t have been so rich, maybe technologies to improve batteries and replace the oil burning machines with battery-driven machines wouldn’t seem like such a utopia today. We might also have spent more time trying to harvest the energy of the sun instead of making replicas of it on Earth. Maybe a ceiling that absorbs sunlight, produces artificial light and protects us from radiation is a bit futuristic, but you never know.

Also in the news today, India is predicted a bloody summer. According to Pakistan is trying to push India to break the ceasefire between the two countries by trying “to push more trained terrorists into Kashmir and other parts of the country” and they will be geared up and ready to terrorize by summer. If this is not just anti-Pakistani propaganda, or even if it is, people with insight say Pakistan is using this as a diversion from internal problem, just like Orwell’s 1984: There must always be a “them” to unite “us”. Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons, which since the bombing of Japan 1945 has been a political toy for select regims to make use of, like the whole cold war to name but one example. The US, with their 10,000 nuclear war heads, are complaining about Iran’s nuclear program and demonizing North Korea for possibly having 1 war head that might not work too well. Oh monkeys, monkeys, monkeys, playing with the world as always. Reality is not a toy, although it is a toy in many narrow-minded people’s brains. Surely politicians at a state level rarely look in the mirror and say: “Whoa, I got hair growing out of the skin of my body just like all other mammals, and I eat plants and shit out dead body parts, maybe I should be a bit more humble”. Very tantric self-observation perhaps.


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