“Hi im 17 and the last time i can remember my dad sexually abusing me was just in 2008 novemberish he always tells me that hes my dad and i need to respect him!! HOW CAN I RESPECT SOME ONE THAT RUINED ME INSIDE i feel so trapped because if i tell my mom they would just fight alllll the time cause they cant afford a divorce or we will be out on the street. no one knows im sexually abused except my sister in college cause she was abused to but she luckly got out of the house i want to tell my friend that i would trust with my life but im scared if i do that things wont be the same im depressed all the time and whenever i tell my friends that i want my dad to die they say im being over dramatic if only they knew why i hate him so much im still at home with my pedophile dad and my mom has no idea what kind of guy he is. my friends always tell me im gonna go to hell for wanting my dad dead but IM ALREADY IN MY OWN HELL i have to look at the BASTARD that ruined my life FOR HIS OWN SEXUAL PLEASURES i used to make excuses when he was creepy with my friends like when he tried to look down my friends shirt when we were 9 cause she spilled water on her shirt i just thought he was trying to see if she got wet but that was FAR from his intentions. everytime i here that someone died i wish that it could of been me or i think how easy it would be to just leave the garage door closed and leave my car on and just slip away but i dont know why i havent”

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