What’s on the Swedish Alcohol Menu?

(This is a new feature on this blog. When someone uses a search engine like google and end up on this blog wordpress tells me what search words they used to get here. So, in the search statistics I find phrases like “kilimanjaro” and “niobe punishment from artemis”. And so, if I believe I havn’t written a blog post that satisfies whoever made the search and came to this page, I might write a new blog post based on what I presume the searcher was after – by indirect request. It’s very much possible to make direct requests as well of course.)

Today’s Guest Request: “swedish alcohol menu”

Now, what was going through this person’s head? Maybe it was a Swedish person feeling like a drink before Systembolaget (“Swedish State Liquor Monopoly Corporation”/”The System Company”) had opened their stores and thought googling alcohol while waiting for alcohol might satisfy the most urgent desire. However, I’m gonna assume that the guest was a non-Swedish person looking for information about what Swedes drink or what to expect to be served when in Sweden.

100 years ago people in Sweden drank 4 million liters of schnaps and less than a hundred bottles of wine per year. Today we drink on average 4 liters of hard liquor, 25 litres of wine and 35 litres of beer per person per year. Which is a lot of poison for one human body to handle. Most brands are European, but you can find Chinese liquor too if you like. It’s not cheap to drink in Sweden, but all the bottles have shiny, professional labels – unless you’re drinking something home-made out of a plastic barrel in a cold forest full of trolls.


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