What Are Animals With 4 Stomachs Called?

Today’s Guest Request: “name for cattle with four stomachs”

Some search engine sent someone to this blog with that search string. If the question was what you call an animal with four stomachs, then the answer is: Ruminants – ruminants have four compartments in their stomach so they can chew, swallow, regurgitate, chew and swallow their food more than once to extract as much resources out of it as possible. Animals with a simple stomach are called monogastric. Horses and rabbits have a singular, but modified, stomach and are called hindgut fermentors.


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2 Responses to “What Are Animals With 4 Stomachs Called?”

  1. Dansken Says:

    Klart intressant sätt att hitta på saker att skriva om!
    Nu har jag för övrigt gott om material att förgylla kvällens fest med! 😉

  2. enleuk Says:

    hehe 🙂
    jag tycker själv det var en bra idé, men då ska man veta att vissa searches e underliga, typ bland mina top searches har jag “ch4 cows” och “sexpenis” 😛

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