The Centaur and the Unicorn

Inwards staying the slap of radiance emanating from the downtrodden unicorn, outwards raising the hand of the behorned centaur, fusing Moses on the border of these two unrealities, hammering, shaping, forging the words of the Metatron, a crocodile God to devour our rock in a made-up dimension where the force of creation is the coal sword God-bane of electrochemical metaphors, the unliving thoughts of dead life shaping the living thoughts of the undead minds in a fusion of time beyond godlessness. Where blood runs thick and hardens, the rock trembles and shakes the waters, the atmospheres, the near-empty space, pulsating differences out of our world, a harmony of undefinability originating in a point within, on the border of its non-existence, the shore to the source of the without, a beached whale delusion of creation.

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