Election Sweden 2010

So, I was asking for a party that wants to remove the monarchy, because they get houses and money by right of blood, which doesn’t sound very democratic. And I asked for mass immigration, Sweden can hold the same amount of people as Germany, which means a population increase of almost 1000 percent. And I asked for the abolition of the state threat of police and military violence used to uphold the law. But there is no such party.

On the telly there are men and women, in seeming denial of being 1 DNA-holding cell growing into 10 billion cells, talking about the best way to give people jobs, the best way to deal with people who are bordeline capable of working, the best way to take care of the oldest, the sick, the students, the children, the single parents, the families, the taxes, the schools, the wellfare, the faith, the xenophobia, the immaterial property.

If they are only concerned with such trivial details and when asked about unemployment goal both the left and the right block say 2-3%, then I have a suggestion. Why not a new parliamentary idea where the goal is not to win but to figure out the best solution via research and discussions. Compromise.

I am an anarchist because I believe in cooperation, I believe in symbiosis. We are capable of pacifist, empathetic coexistence and if we can have such a government during wars, we can have it now and we can even have it under more anarchistic conditions. We can help each other find out the best path, even though both path and goal are ultimately unknowable to us and we don’t even know whether the path or the goal is the more important much of the time. But we don’t need to pretend we are divine or eternal, we are the molecules we are, even though we have a hard time understanding the relationship between our created diversification – 1st and (2nd) 3rd person representations.  We don’t need to pretend we have souls, that we are part of God. We are part of the physical universe and our experience of existing is too. We don’t need to bash each other on the head with long, heavy, sharp metal objects, we don’t need to rule the best kingdom, have the biggest guns, have the best people, the best genes. We can use our abilities of thought to create a better society for everyone. We can build with the sand of the earth, use the glass to obtain the energy of the sun, we can grow food, we can even build food, we can clean water, we can prevent epidemics, we can give everyone shelter and the opportunity to do anything anywhere on earth and beyond. We all live in space, why not accept our role as passengers on a space ship. We have the map of the universe, we know where we are, we are beyond giving ultimate answers to the question why, we are free to do what we want.

And yet, I see on television, this farcical demonstration of misguided goodwill. So many people, 6.8 billion on earth, the potential to do anything. I have ten claws on two arms, they can build one house a year.

The Left party wants 6 hour work days instead of 8. The green party wants to start the green turnover. The Christian democrats are Christians. The Moderates wants to lower the taxes for the rich. The Centre party wants to, no idea. The Folk party wants grades earlier in school. The Socialist party wants to go back to power. The Sweden Democrats wants to kick out immigrants. The Feminist Initiative wants equality for women.

I’m gonna go for green.

Edit: I was listening to a guy talk about our attitude towards working. In Europe it became a duty to work during the protestantism, perhaps because protestantism says that all you need to do to get to heaven is to believe in it. If you believe in God, ask his forgiveness, love Jesus et cetera, then it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life. Actions don’t matter, only faith does (Catholicism say you need both). And so, because such an idea means that nobody has to work; they can just lie down, believe in God, wait for death and go to heaven; it is necessary to give a separate reason for people to work. Before I continue, let me just quote wikipedia on Calvinism: “God must first free the individual from his or her enslavement to sin… and then the regenerated heart naturally chooses the good. The individual does not cooperate but is freed and irresistibly follows God.” Seems a bit weird to be honest 🙂 An all-knowing, all-good, all-powerful God creates a being, that being makes an uneducated, free and evil choice, God damns humanity for all eternity, all humans are unable to do good, God picks a few people and make them free and they automatically choose good. My question is (disregarding the logical pitfalls): Do they learn the truth of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the moment they are freed?

Anyway, getting side-tracked here. I don’t know why the guy said protestantism led to the idea that work is your duty. The people at the top of the societal pyramid need the workers below, so whatever the discourse, the end result necessarily includes an argument for working, and given the needlessness of working embedded in the new ideas, the argument for working had to be rather strong, so “work is duty” feels quite expected.

I was watching something on TV yesterday, Alexander Bard said that industrialism is a misnomer, the society of industrialism was created out of the invention by Gutenberg in the 15th century, that made everything possible. To get urbanized workers, you need them to be literate, so basically it’s a literate society, not an industrial society. Work is a value-marker in life. It’s a personality. “Who are you”, “I’m a nurse”. Today we work 1/3 of 5/7 days. It defines the framework of our lives together with the diurnal and annual weather rhythm, the holidays and deaths, marriages, births and other once-in-a-life-time events that shape the post-yearly life. In English: Work is an inseparable part of being (human).

In the early 20th century the social democratic worker’s movement instead of revolution, class overturning and rearranging the wealth of the world, wanted the slaves supporting the pyramid to have the right to work. No longer is it a divine duty, a forced labour, but it’s indirectly, and quite erroneously, called a free choice by using mêmes like “the right to work”. Today, the guy on the radio said, work is both a right and a duty.

Work is what we live for. From the age of 6 we are trained for a profession that will make us produce for the country and the world until the age of 65, from whence we live on the income from our work till the day we die. Did anyone stop to think, maybe there should be something more in that life story? Like maybe love, happiness, adventure, surprises, drinks, insights, music, dancing, playing, discussions, vistas, darkness, safety, molecular processing.

Our prime minister, Mr. Cleanfield, said that it’s more important to give healthy, unemployed people jobs than relieving sick, employed people from their duties. The right to work is more important than the right not to work, to our prime minister. The production of Sweden relies on it. We are born to produce for Sweden. We must educate ourselves, work harder and more efficiently to produce better technology that can aid us in learning more, working harder and more efficiently to increase productivity. Productivity means to produce more production. And all this time I thought that the meaning of life was to carry on the DNA by eating and reproducing.

Of course, I might not have read the same books as dear Mr. Cleanfield.

One might say “Stop thinking and start working” and people will agree. I don’t agree. I say “Stop working and start thinking”.


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