How Can DNA-Copying Lead to New Species?

A guy commented on a youtube clip:

“0 information is ever added to the DNA strand. It’s all copied, Einstein! Mutations are when the copy gets damaged.”

I said: “Mutation is not DNA damage, it’s DNA change, which can be either positive, neutral or negative to an individual. During DNA replication, base pairs can be added, moved, removed, doubled, replaced et cetera. This changes the function of the organism, which by any possible definition means that information has been added. During 2-3 billion years, from bacteria to human, billions of basepairs have been added. During 5-7 million years, from ape to man, 1% has changed.”

“Do you know why it’s called mutatation? Maybe you could look the word up? Ask your teacher why he believes damage to the cells development results in a healthier specimen? Look at the complete genetic system at work, account for all the players and their actions and you tell me, what is the component adding newly made codes to the system? It never ceases to amaze me how easily the devil can trick someone with crap like mutation (mutilation of the original information) is beneficial! WTH?”

I said: “Well, transposons, UV radiation and mutation hotspots with non-standard bases (not ATCG) are important players. And it seems strange to me that anyone can’t see that among all the negative and neutral mutations there is statistical probability for beneficial mutations. Examples are the CCR5 Delta 32 mutation against smallpox and all primates having 3 cone types in the retina (birds have 4, they can see UV, most mammals have 2).”

“Yes, there are positive reactions that occur due to the sophistication of the original design, I agree. But what I don’t get is how it’s twisted into something it’s obviously not capable of. The same system that takes a physical being to it’s physical peak in 25-35 years also takes that same being through the stages of middle, old age and death. The world is a challenging place to survive but if macro evolution is the system in control then by now nothing would die. What’s your take?”

I said: “Firstly, macroevolution=microevolution, just a difference in time span. Turritopsis nutricula is a jellyfish that can live forever. It only dies from disease and injury. The reason immortality is not the peak of evolution is because it’s more beneficial to spawn new individuals with new mutated qualities because the environment, including other life-forms, is constantly changing. But in a way, DNA is immortal, it’s been going for 3 billion years now.”

All plants, virus, animals – all life – is made from 4 cyclical molecules like adenine, C5H5N5, in pairs in a long chain. Insanely huge molecules formed by these four little molecules. From 100 base pairs to several billion base pairs long. Either God was hell-bent on making everything out of these four molecules for some unimaginable reason or evolution is true.


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