My debate with a Kabbalist

[23:31] <anonymous> ok i got some introduction
[23:31] <anonymous> but i want to ask you something
[23:32] <enleuk> shoot
[23:32] <anonymous> 1 – its only for you, cause u asked for it.
[23:32] <anonymous> 2 – forget religion, any religion, what u will see IS NOT a religion.
[23:32] <anonymous> u can hate a religion, as i do and learn this
[23:33] <enleuk> ok, sounds good
[23:33] <anonymous>
[23:33] <anonymous> ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:33] <anonymous> remember, u promised – no religion!
[23:33] <anonymous> see the movie there in the bottom
[23:34] <enleuk> i thought kabbala was judaism
[23:34] <anonymous> NO !
[23:35] <anonymous> judaism was built on kabbalah to try and preserve it from dissapearing and then
greedy people took control of it to gain welath
[23:35] <anonymous> wealth
[23:35] <enleuk> ok
[23:35] <enleuk> so its not an Abrahamic faith?
[23:36] <anonymous> no. abraham was one of the kaballists thats all.
[23:36] <anonymous> a first soul to ask questions that u now ask
[23:36] <anonymous> and he found asnwers, and maybe u will
[23:37] <anonymous> just please dont post it for everyone, its only for people who want to achieve
more then “eat, fuck, sleep, get money..”
[23:38] <anonymous>
[23:38] <enleuk> ok, but “spiritual realm” means its a religion, just so we’re clear on the
[23:39] <anonymous> religions, all of them are built on kaballistic terms. they just simplify it and
then used to control people for a greedy purposes
[23:40] <anonymous> see this videoย  2 lines above. it explains things pretty good
[23:40] <anonymous> life cycles and stuff
[23:42] <enleuk> Kabbalah propounds the Unity of God
[23:42] <enleuk> you still maintaining its not a religion?
[23:42] <anonymous> yes ๐Ÿ™‚ if u learn more what kaballah is, u will understand what they mean by god
[23:43] <enleuk> a non-metaphysical god?
[23:43] <anonymous> god is YOU and ME and others who ask the questions about life
[23:43] <enleuk> thats just standard buddhism
[23:43] <anonymous> its hard to explain the difference between buddism and kabalah
[23:43] <anonymous> ill try
[23:43] <enleuk> i dont believe in a metaphysical me, a soul, a divine entity. i am only the
molecules in my body
[23:44] <anonymous> u r correct
[23:44] <anonymous> and u will stay like that and die like that and nothing will remain of u
[23:44] <anonymous> if u dont discover the real part of yourself
[23:44] <anonymous> if u do, your body will die and u will continue on
[23:44] <anonymous> otherwise, die like a dog
[23:45] <enleuk> im not gonna believe that just because im afraid of death
[23:45] <anonymous> of course
[23:45] <anonymous> it is in human nature to think they will leave forever
[23:45] <anonymous> its self defending mechanis,
[23:45] <enleuk> no, i will die in a few years
[23:45] <anonymous> otherwise u will not want to leave
[23:45] <anonymous> to live*
[23:46] <enleuk> i have accepted my death
[23:46] <enleuk> i dont mind
[23:46] <anonymous> why?
[23:46] <enleuk> why shouldnt i accept my death?
[23:46] <anonymous> its ok. but thats all. what you differ from a dog that lives and dies?
[23:46] <anonymous> u dont care?
[23:47] <enleuk> i am no different from a dog. i have evidence to prove it
[23:47] <anonymous> your body is the same as dogs
[23:47] <anonymous> but
[23:47] <enleuk> yes and I=my body
[23:47] <anonymous> the dog doesnt ask ” why i live, is there soul?”
[23:47] <anonymous> thats the difference
[23:47] <enleuk> i am nothing more or other than my body
[23:48] <enleuk> thats cuz the dog is stupid and doesnt know philosophy or english
[23:48] <anonymous> there is something called a “point in the heart”
[23:48] <enleuk> nope there is no such metaphysical thing
[23:48] <anonymous> just listen for a moment ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:48] <enleuk> ok ๐Ÿ˜›
[23:48] <enleuk> sorry
[23:49] <anonymous> its a connection to upper world , that is activated for some people that have it
[23:49] <anonymous> after that that person becomes very unhappy about things in life,
[23:49] <anonymous> cause he doesnt care about money, success and other thiings
[23:49] <anonymous> he starts to search for something more
[23:49] <enleuk> i dont care about money or success
[23:49] <anonymous> if he doesnt find, such person ends up in drugs, alcohol and stuff
[23:50] <anonymous> those lucky who do find, end up learning kabalah ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:50] <anonymous> and become very happy
[23:50] <anonymous> and also succesfull!
[23:50] <enleuk> i believed in “something more” when i was 15. ive learned a lot since then
[23:51] <enleuk> i didnt specify it, just thought “there has to be something more” now i know thats
just wishful thinking
[23:51] <anonymous> yes
[23:51] <anonymous> all people when they are young are more likely to be closer to those questions
[23:51] <anonymous> but
[23:51] <anonymous> then the society shapens them into what society wants
[23:51] <anonymous> – a customer
[23:51] <anonymous> so many people are fucked
[23:52] <anonymous> but if u still have those questions now, man u r lucky!
[23:52] <anonymous> you could tell, one of a million
[23:52] <anonymous> in sweden and other northen countries people are “asleep”
[23:52] <anonymous> meaning, point in the heard doesnt appear
[23:52] <enleuk> wanna read my thoughts on the true nature of everything? i got it on my blog if
youre interested in my point of view
[23:53] <anonymous> of course
[23:53] <enleuk>
[23:54] <anonymous>
[23:54] <anonymous> this guys talks about you!!!
[23:57] <anonymous>ย  — why i am never
[23:58] <anonymous> pay attention, the guys talking about kaballah, dont look like relgious people.
ussually those who study kaballah are modern people
[23:58] <anonymous> hope u r still here lol
[23:58] <enleuk> im listened to the youtube clip
[23:58] <enleuk> What is the Essence of Kabbalah? 2:30 into the clip he still hasnt said anything
about it… ๐Ÿ˜›
[23:59] <anonymous> lol
[23:59] <anonymous> they say – can u explain what colors are to a blind man
[23:59] <anonymous> u need to try to listen
[23:59] <anonymous> these serries are good, you should see all of them
[23:59] <enleuk> have you read Hegel, he talks about this revelation too
[23:59] <anonymous> no whos that?
[00:00] <enleuk> german philosopher
[00:01] <anonymous> there are many people who advanced, more or less . the problem is that they might
waste their lives trying to prove something, while the answers are all here
[00:01] <anonymous> he could have become eternal soul if he would turn to the right sources
[00:02] <anonymous> btw your site is not in english ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
[00:02] <enleuk> only like 3 posts are in swedish
[00:02] <enleuk> the rest is in english
[00:02] <anonymous> ooh ok thats good
[00:02] <anonymous> i will read your site and u will see the movies of these guy answering questions
ok? its really good serries for beginners. i watched them all when i started
[00:03] <anonymous> remember – noone will ask you to pay money or to do anything; u r free. do what u
want, its not religion
[00:04] <anonymous> —- What Is The True
Nature Of Humankind?
[00:04] <enleuk> watching why im never satisfied atm
[00:04] <anonymous> nice. if u still didnt tell me to go fuck myself, u might be the right guy lol
[00:10] <enleuk> id say that kabbalah is very similar to what Adi Shankara, L. Ron Hubbard and Alan
Watts have said, although they come from very different settings. i still dont see why i should
believe in a metaphysical reality
[00:10] <anonymous> u r my guy!!!
[00:11] <anonymous> u sort of passed the test lol
[00:11] <enleuk> you know these 3?
[00:11] <anonymous> if u believe to someone or to something – u r a dog and will die like a dog
[00:11] <anonymous> the real people – dont beleieve and the search for answers
[00:12] <anonymous> if u want answers, u will see more clips, read, ask, debate
[00:12] <anonymous> and then when u agree u will start to beleieve that it is the right way to go
[00:12] <enleuk> im reading
[00:12] <anonymous> just 1 important thing ok? uย  r here?
[00:12] <enleuk> ya
[00:13] <enleuk> i wrote about Ein Sof a few years ago.. just gonna find that document, one sec
[00:13] <anonymous> there are many people who want to fool others to make money. they are on internet,
youtube and so on… as a started u need to be carefull. for a start – try to stay withing website and arifilms in youtube
[00:13] <anonymous> this is important!
[00:14] <anonymous> if u fall on some greedy assholes u will turn your back to this and will die like
a dog achiving nothing in your life
[00:15] <anonymous> stay within ( and
ARIfilms on youtube
[00:15] <enleuk> Alan Watts and Adi Shankara were not greedy assholes
[00:15] <anonymous> for a beginning
[00:15] <anonymous> its ok, i didnt talk about them
[00:15] <anonymous> i talk about those who you WILL meet when u read and see kaballah stuff
[00:16] <enleuk> so, how many beliefs did you try before decided kabbalah was the one for you? I
mean, how many philosophers had you read before your decision?
[00:16] <anonymous> i was doing some eastern technics
[00:16] <enleuk> which ones?
[00:16] <anonymous> and i was very unhappy with life
[00:17] <anonymous> the ones that say – kill your ego and feel good
[00:17] <anonymous> OMG i cant beleieve i was so stupid
[00:17] <enleuk> kill your ego?
[00:17] <anonymous> of course
[00:17] <enleuk> what do you mean?
[00:17] <anonymous> the technics say – unplague yourself from your mind and u will start feeling happy
and stuff
[00:18] <anonymous> its killing your ego – u dont care about anything
[00:18] <anonymous> kabalah says – NO
[00:18] <anonymous> develope your ego
[00:18] <anonymous> become a ego beast
[00:18] <enleuk> you studied buddhism?
[00:18] <anonymous> and then take it in control and use it to advance to upper world
[00:18] <anonymous> not really studied. i was following…
[00:19] <anonymous> buddism is the most close thing to kabalah cause kaballists started it
[00:19] <enleuk> have you studied anything other than buddhism and kabbalah? have you read any
philosophers at all?
[00:19] <anonymous> after abraham started to teach kaballah, there was a group that was sent to east
to teach kabalah
[00:20] <anonymous> they didnt advance and stayd on the lowerst level of spiritual development
[00:20] <anonymous> they are called – flower level
[00:20] <anonymous> not even animal
[00:20] <anonymous> uย  r better then them
[00:20] <anonymous> cause u have ego, u want things
[00:20] <anonymous> they dont want, like flowers, just sit and enjoy
[00:21] <anonymous> to answer u – i was jumping from one thing to another – cause i felt it was all
[00:22] <anonymous> – please stay within this channel at least
until u decide if u want to go on or not
[00:23] <anonymous> im trying to preserve u from greedy assholes
[00:24] <enleuk> thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:24] <enleuk> [00:19] <enleuk> have you studied anything other than buddhism and kabbalah? have
you read any philosophers at all?
[00:25] <anonymous> 00:21:57] <anonymous> to answer u – i was jumping from one thing to another – cause i
felt it was all wrong
[00:25] <enleuk> which things?
[00:25] <anonymous> i am a philosopher myself. i always talk about deeper things with people, i gather
friends for a beer and we talk about what is life and stuff
[00:26] <anonymous> jumped from – buddism, studying relegions
[00:26] <anonymous> i studied judaism and then understood its all bullshit
[00:26] <enleuk> which philosophers have you read?
[00:26] <anonymous> same as all other religions
[00:26] <anonymous> none
[00:26] <anonymous> ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:26] <enleuk> ok
[00:27] <anonymous> although u can call dr. laitman a greatest pilisopher
[00:27] <anonymous> again – its good that u dont beleive and u are suspicios, it means u tried alot of
things and didnt find the answers
[00:28] <anonymous> its good. u r sort of ripe for kaballah now.
[00:28] <anonymous> u will learn that everything is controlled for one purpose – to make u a real
human in upper world
[00:29] <anonymous> damn, to tell u about kaballah i had to leave my previous kd and come here
[00:29] <enleuk> i did find the answer you know
[00:29] <anonymous> and listen to all that grav bullshit lol
[00:29] <anonymous> that u r just a body and u will die ?
[00:29] <enleuk> yup
[00:29] <enleuk> thats reality
[00:29] <anonymous> thats it? and why u r listening to my for last 60 minutes or something?
[00:30] <anonymous> just cause u r polite?
[00:30] <anonymous> ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:31] <anonymous> if it is really a “point in heart” – you will search more and more.
[00:31] <enleuk> no, cuz im interested. always willing to test my belief
[00:31] <anonymous> yes kaballah says – in this world , right now – u r a piece of meat that is
controlled by a system
[00:31] <anonymous> but u have a chance to gain a soul
[00:32] <anonymous> that wont die
[00:32] <anonymous> and u can gain it only during life
[00:32] <anonymous> after u die, your body = information , dissapears and thats it
[00:32] <anonymous> if u dont gain a soul – bye bye
[00:33] <anonymous> if u do – u contnue to advance
[00:33] <anonymous> there is no life after death. its a myth
[00:33] <anonymous> made to cause people think they live forever. otherwise people will not want to
live – no purpose
[00:34] <enleuk> see. i believe that all religions are based on the fear of death. we so wish to
live forever that we’ll believe anything
[00:34] <anonymous> correct
[00:34] <anonymous> its ont even a religion. its how the body is built
[00:34] <enleuk> and kaballah is just among many promises of eternal life
[00:34] <anonymous> its a surviving instict of every living thing
[00:35] <anonymous> i told u – its not for everyone. people dont start to learn kabalah cause its
fency, eternal life and stuff
[00:35] <enleuk> you know, kaballah sounds a lot like scientology, except theyre only in it for the
[00:35] <anonymous> people start leaing it cause they dont care about anything else in life
[00:36] <anonymous> it is a science!
[00:36] <anonymous> noone wants your money
[00:36] <anonymous> this world doesnt exist
[00:36] <anonymous> like matrix man
[00:36] <enleuk> i know
[00:36] <enleuk> brain in a vat
[00:36] <anonymous> who cares about your money if u live in the matrix
[00:37] <anonymous> i can tell u that this guy – laitman- can have anything he wants, he is like the
architect of this world
[00:37] <anonymous> he lives above the world
[00:37] <anonymous> imagine u are connected to the nature – u know all answers
[00:37] <anonymous> a bird flew near u – u know why, where, for what
[00:38] <anonymous> u know everything
[00:38] <anonymous> u r nature
[00:38] <enleuk> my point was that if you looked at an introduction of scientology you’d see they
say a lot of the same things about the existence of other worlds
[00:38] <anonymous> yes
[00:38] <enleuk> but scientology is a lie, so why shouldnt kabbalah be too?
[00:38] <anonymous> all these things in the beginnig where build on studying kabalah
[00:39] <anonymous> i can tell u from my level of development – i found all answers. and i want more
[00:39] <anonymous> and i am not a loser in life – i got everything
[00:39] <enleuk> sounds good
[00:40] <anonymous> its hard sometimes, cause there is a rule in this system
[00:40] <anonymous> its called -” right hand gets u closer to the truth, and left hand pushes u back”
[00:41] <anonymous> its like helping u ( i talk to you about kabalah) and on other hand u dont beleive
cause there were other things that are lies (that scientology)
[00:41] <enleuk> youre still delusional in my book. you only believe in kaballah because you were
unhappy and liked the promise of living forever “u have a chance to gain a soul that wont die”
[00:41] <anonymous> no
[00:41] <enleuk> in my point of view
[00:42] <enleuk> just my opinion
[00:42] <anonymous> i feel it
[00:42] <anonymous> its hard to explain
[00:42] <enleuk> i feel it too.. its called senses
[00:42] <anonymous> its like love
[00:42] <enleuk> love is also just chemistry in the brain
[00:42] <anonymous> u just feel it
[00:42] <anonymous> love is special, it is made to show u the real happiness
[00:42] <anonymous> and then is taken away
[00:43] <enleuk> love isnt special. its just chemistry
[00:43] <anonymous> if u loved – u knowย  that a person feels very happy right?
[00:43] <enleuk> ive loved
[00:43] <anonymous> so imagine – u can feel happy all the time , like in love, not just happy cause u
got a bonus at work
[00:44] <enleuk> still.. its just chemistry
[00:44] <anonymous> in the body yes
[00:44] <enleuk> I=body
[00:44] <anonymous> forget the body
[00:44] <anonymous> u r now
[00:44] <anonymous> animal ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:44] <enleuk> yup
[00:44] <anonymous> i am too
[00:44] <anonymous> but i WANT more
[00:44] <anonymous> thats the difference
[00:45] <anonymous> i am ready to do anything to become human
[00:45] <enleuk> im a collection of cells with a ENORMOUS DNA-molecule in each
[00:45] <anonymous> i think about it every day – why i live? for what?
[00:45] <enleuk> there is no reason, it just happened
[00:46] <anonymous> u saw the clip – six senses?
[00:46] <enleuk> ya
[00:46] <anonymous> it explains what u say
[00:46] <anonymous> u r a body – 5 senses
[00:46] <anonymous> but u can get 6th one
[00:46] <enleuk> no you cant
[00:46] <anonymous> which is not from this world
[00:46] <enleuk> there is only this world
[00:46] <anonymous> ๐Ÿ˜‰
[00:47] <enleuk> look, this is not the first religion ive encountered.. its probably the 25th or
[00:47] <enleuk> and still, i dont believe in other worlds, a soul, a free will or anything like
[00:47] <anonymous> i think u will advance in this . maybe not now – maybe after a year or 20 years.
because u denie, u fight. others would just say – ok ok u r right and go away
[00:48] <anonymous> there is no free will btw, we are totally controlled by the system.
[00:48] <enleuk> well, you can live under that delusion if you like
[00:48] <enleuk> the chemistry of the universe is what controls my actions
[00:48] <anonymous> right
[00:48] <anonymous> i say the same
[00:48] <enleuk> and theres no other world where i can get a soul that changes this
[00:49] <anonymous> u wont change it
[00:49] <anonymous> u will be with it
[00:49] <enleuk> ?
[00:49] <anonymous> like parts in the body – theres a hear, brain , leaver
[00:49] <enleuk> mm
[00:49] <anonymous> they are individual but work together as 1 organism
[00:50] <enleuk> no, thats just a simplification. i am not 1 organism, i am billions of molecules
[00:50] <anonymous> correct
[00:50] <anonymous> but they work for one purpse
[00:50] <anonymous> to be u
[00:51] <enleuk> no, theyre just a part of the process of evolution
[00:51] <anonymous> in kabalah all souls are called – the ancient human
[00:51] <enleuk> why so?
[00:51] <anonymous> it was 1 soul
[00:51] <anonymous> then it broke to pieces
[00:51] <anonymous> and now these pieces are connecting
[00:51] <anonymous> maybeย  u r one of the peices
[00:52] <enleuk> why do you believe these fantasies?
[00:52] <enleuk> do you know where chechnya is?
[00:52] <anonymous> of course, im half russian
[00:52] <enleuk> i bring it up because its the latest religion i encountered
[00:53] <enleuk> they believed that god squeezed the earth and out came in the east, man, and in
the west, woman
[00:53] <enleuk> this is fantasy
[00:53] <anonymous> of course
[00:53] <enleuk> not reality, you shouldnt believe this. you should believe science
[00:53] <anonymous> kabalah is science
[00:54] <enleuk> “it ws soul soul, but it was broken” fairy tales
[00:54] <anonymous> i tell u that, i am electrical engeneer working in hitech company!
[00:54] <enleuk> *it was one soul
[00:55] <anonymous> i dont know how to tell u that – its just u come to the point, whenย  u dont want
to wake up in the morning
[00:55] <anonymous> u dont care about anything . all pointless
[00:55] <enleuk> thats no reason for believing in fairy tales that make you feel better about
[00:55] <anonymous> and i never took drugs, never smoked
[00:56] <anonymous> it doesnt make me feel better it answers my questions!
[00:56] <anonymous> all of them
[00:56] <anonymous> no religion, buddism, anyone could all my life
[00:56] <anonymous> and this – does
[00:57] <enleuk> its a religion
[00:57] <anonymous> ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:58] <anonymous> watch some clips when u feel the need. hope for u it will work one day
[00:58] <anonymous> u can always ask me about this ๐Ÿ™‚
[00:58] <enleuk> why do people believe these things… stupid humans…
[00:58] <anonymous> hahaha
[00:59] <enleuk> oh well, we dont have to discuss religion
[00:59] <enleuk> we disagree, and thats fine
[00:59] <anonymous> yeah
[00:59] <anonymous> i told u though i hate religion
[01:00] <enleuk> and still you believe in one
[01:00] <anonymous> lol
[01:00] <enleuk> you read any of my thoughts on god/religion/philosophy?
[01:01] <enleuk> you dont have to
[01:01] <anonymous> yeh reading about dna
[01:01] <enleuk> i like dna ๐Ÿ™‚
[01:01] <enleuk> the coolest molecule on earth
[01:02] <anonymous> the coolest thing on earth is that u can know everything in this world if u look
at it from above ๐Ÿ™‚
[01:02] <enleuk> really?
[01:03] <anonymous> yep. all sciences in the end come to dead end.
[01:03] <anonymous> kaballah goes to the end
[01:03] <enleuk> science never comes to an end, thats part of why its science and not a religion
[01:04] <enleuk> its open-ended
[01:04] <anonymous> really? science today is stalling. people dont know how to advance
[01:04] <enleuk> really? have you heard about M-theory?
[01:04] <anonymous> nope
[01:05] <enleuk> its an attempt to unify string theory
[01:05] <enleuk> you know string theory?
[01:05] <anonymous> maybe but not this word
[01:05] <anonymous> explain pls
[01:05] <enleuk> its an attempt to explain quantum fluctuations. you know what quantum mechanics
[01:05] <anonymous> yes
[01:06] <enleuk> so trying to explain quantum mechanis is not advancing?
[01:06] <anonymous> it is. but what then?
[01:06] <enleuk> ya, what then… then more theories
[01:06] <enleuk> itll never end
[01:06] <anonymous> it will
[01:07] <enleuk> we will never understand everything
[01:07] <enleuk> because everything doesnt fit in our tiny brains
[01:07] <anonymous> some wont. some will ๐Ÿ™‚
[01:07] <enleuk> everything is way bigger than our brains
[01:07] <anonymous> human uses only 4% brain capacity
[01:07] <enleuk> at a time yes
[01:07] <anonymous> what with other 96?
[01:07] <enleuk> theyre used at other times
[01:08] <anonymous> einstein used 5 and was the biggest genious of all times
[01:08] <enleuk> thats not true
[01:08] <anonymous> imagine a person that activated 50%
[01:08] <enleuk> 4% at a time yes
[01:08] <enleuk> that doesnt mean the rest is NEVER used
[01:08] <enleuk> you think we have 96% dead matter in the brain?
[01:08] <anonymous> someone who has 100% lives in upper world. all the information is in him
[01:08] <anonymous> NO
[01:09] <anonymous> its just not connected
[01:09] <enleuk> it is all connected
[01:09] <enleuk> but we only used 5% at a time
[01:09] <anonymous> but u dont have the 6th sense to use it
[01:09] <anonymous> if u develope it, it will be used
[01:09] <enleuk> these kinds of lies/misunderstandings is why we have religions
[01:09] <anonymous> come on
[01:09] <enleuk> its simply a lie that we only use 4%
[01:10] <anonymous> why all living creatures need to sleep?
[01:10] <enleuk> or 5 or whatever
[01:10] <anonymous> the body works, but they sleep
[01:10] <anonymous> why?
[01:10] <anonymous> isnt it a misuse of resources?
[01:10] <anonymous> nature is perfect, why it would create something that works, but sleeps
[01:11] <anonymous> it would be better use of resources if we didnt sleep and lived 24/7
[01:11] <enleuk> because the brain has to think surreal thoughts to restructure itself according to
new knowledge and if we are aware during that process we would get disoriented. we would believe
dreams were real
[01:11] <anonymous> WOW
[01:11] <anonymous> u just described what kaballah sources say
[01:12] <enleuk> so now you believe me?
[01:12] <anonymous> and they were written like thousands years ago!
[01:12] <enleuk> no, zohar lived in the 16th century
[01:12] <anonymous> beilive to what? we say the same things. u look from science point of view – from
bottom to top. i try to learn the top right away
[01:13] <enleuk> the gilgamesh epic was written 4000 years ago thou.. contains the flood myth about
noahs ark among other funny things
[01:13] <anonymous> zohar is a book that was written by 10 peopleย  , yes in 16th century
[01:13] <anonymous> zohar is not a guy its just name of the book
[01:14] <enleuk> thats the problem. the bottom is the truth, the top is just a metaphor, a
simplification, a generalization of the bottom
[01:14] <enleuk> ok, i thought it was a guy
[01:14] <anonymous> but u see – people in those times, wrote things that your science now only starts
to think about!
[01:14] <anonymous> all the knowlegde already exists, u need to take it
[01:14] <anonymous> it was there long time ago
[01:14] <enleuk> all religions with a holy book claims that the books proves they knew things that
could not have been know unless their religion is true
[01:15] <enleuk> all religions do this
[01:15] <enleuk> and theyre all wrong
[01:15] <anonymous> i didnt read in any religion about brain usage
[01:15] <enleuk> why would kabbalah be the only exception?
[01:15] <anonymous> there is no such info
[01:15] <anonymous> only kabalah says things like that
[01:16] <enleuk> no, but the christian say that the bible says that the earth is round, at the time
it was written it was thought it was flat
[01:16] <anonymous> u know what bible is?
[01:16] <anonymous> its a coded text that contains alot of knowlage. people just dont know how to read
[01:16] <enleuk> ok
[01:17] <enleuk> or its just a bunch of traditional religion written down
[01:17] <anonymous> this is what is called – language of branches
[01:17] <anonymous> imagine that u will need to explain to a guy – 1000 year ago about quantum theory
[01:17] <anonymous> how would u do that?
[01:17] <enleuk> i cant, i cant explain it to you either
[01:17] <enleuk> you need a lot of knowledge first
[01:18] <anonymous> correct!
[01:18] <anonymous> u can try to explain with simple examples
[01:18] <enleuk> ya, like nostradamus
[01:18] <anonymous> explain to me what is computer. while i am a guy that came from 1000 years ago
[01:18] <anonymous> try please. with simple metaphoras
[01:19] <enleuk> ok… just a sec, let me think
[01:19] <anonymous> ok ๐Ÿ™‚
[01:19] <anonymous> no wait
[01:19] <anonymous> explain what is a CAR
[01:19] <anonymous> its easier
[01:21] <enleuk> a car is a box on wheels and the wheels are made to go round so that the box moves
forward by an energy source, like water can turn a wheel, only the energy source is the heat from
burning oil, which is dead trees and stuff
[01:21] <anonymous> niiice
[01:21] <anonymous> now stay with me
[01:21] <anonymous> imagine u were sent from our time to 1000 thousands years ago
[01:22] <anonymous> and u decided to write a book and try to teach people all u know , all modern
[01:22] <anonymous> u know u cant write formulas, cause they wont understand
[01:22] <anonymous> and u can use words like fuel, gasoline
[01:22] <enleuk> gasoline?
[01:22] <anonymous> u need to tell metaphoras
[01:23] <enleuk> ah, ya
[01:23] <enleuk> like fire
[01:23] <anonymous> ok
[01:23] <anonymous> yes
[01:23] <enleuk> or water turning a wheel
[01:23] <anonymous> so u wrote a book full of metaphoras and give it to the people
[01:23] <anonymous> yes
[01:23] <anonymous> they take it
[01:23] <anonymous> but they dont understand the metaphoras in a write way
[01:23] <anonymous> they think –
[01:24] <enleuk> look, i know what youre saying, this is what christians say about the bible too
[01:24] <anonymous> “buring oil and heat from it …” they say OMG. when the vulcano errupts, this is
[01:24] <enleuk> volcano?
[01:24] <anonymous> so this is the bible and other sources.
[01:25] <anonymous> someone who knows EVERYTHING, wanted to tell us. but he must tell it in metaphoras
[01:25] <enleuk> so what did he say?
[01:25] <anonymous> we just dont understand it right
[01:25] <enleuk> did he explain cars?
[01:25] <anonymous> everything about the world! all sciences, everything
[01:25] <anonymous> yes
[01:25] <enleuk> show me the wuote
[01:25] <enleuk> quote
[01:25] <anonymous> i can tell u one moment from
[01:26] <anonymous> baal sulam – died in 1956 or something
[01:26] <anonymous> wrote –
[01:26] <anonymous> there is a screening machine in our brain, that recieves signals from the system
and shows it to us, controlling us.
[01:26] <anonymous> something like that!!
[01:27] <anonymous> he died in 1956!
[01:27] <anonymous> man!
[01:27] <enleuk> a screening machine in our brain?
[01:27] <anonymous> matrix?
[01:27] <enleuk> you believe we are brains in a vat?
[01:28] <anonymous> everything u do and think and feel, was written ages ago
[01:28] <enleuk> do you know what ockams razor is?
[01:28] <anonymous> nope
[01:28] <enleuk> brain in a vat (the philosophy behind matrix)
[01:29] <enleuk> ockhams razor is like this: if theres an apple under an apple tree its more likely
that that apple came from that apple tree, then from another apple tree and put under this apple
tree by someone
[01:29] <anonymous> ok so what from it?
[01:30] <enleuk> so, its more likely that “im a man” than “im a man in a tub, connected to a system
made by machines to harvest my body heat for energy that feeds information to my brain and makes
me think that ‘im a man'”
[01:31] <anonymous> here comes the thing that u feel something
[01:31] <anonymous> do u feelย  u r in control or not
[01:31] <anonymous> u tell me
[01:31] <enleuk> feelings are just chemistry
[01:32] <anonymous> sometimes people are about to die
[01:32] <anonymous> like accident and stuff
[01:32] <enleuk> i feel like im in control of my body, but i know that im just an automatic machine
[01:32] <anonymous> ok i agree
[01:32] <anonymous> when someone is involved in accident, he suddenly starts to ask “god” or anything
that will spare him
[01:32] <anonymous> why?
[01:32] <enleuk> and they see a bright light in a tunnel because of carbondioxide (-monoxide?) in the
peripheral vision
[01:33] <anonymous> i agree, all those tunnel lights after death is bs
[01:33] <anonymous> kaballah says isย  too
[01:33] <enleuk> why? i dont ask about god when im in an accident
[01:33] <anonymous> people do ask god to save them
[01:33] <anonymous> all people
[01:33] <enleuk> yes, because people are stupid
[01:34] <enleuk> im an atheist, i dont believe in god
[01:34] <anonymous> really? i dont think so. people are controlled. and only when they are going to
die, they understand that something controls them
[01:34] <anonymous> i dont too!
[01:34] <anonymous> i heard alot of people who learn kaballah that they dont beleive in anything
[01:34] <enleuk> “something” doesnt control me. the body controls itself. “I” am just a product of
its sensory reception
[01:35] <anonymous> some person was swimming and then the current took him far from shore
[01:35] <anonymous> and he started to drawn
[01:35] <anonymous> hapens ๐Ÿ™‚
[01:35] <enleuk> mm
[01:35] <anonymous> he was not religious
[01:35] <anonymous> but in the last moment he shouted “please help”
[01:36] <enleuk> he wasnt an atheist if he asked god to help him
[01:36] <anonymous> there was noone, and he knew that, he just shouted
[01:36] <enleuk> he wanted a life-guard to show up?
[01:36] <anonymous> yes
[01:36] <enleuk> with super-keen hearing?
[01:36] <anonymous> that what peple say that happenes when u are going to die in accident
[01:36] <enleuk> but thats also a lie
[01:36] <anonymous> whenu feel – now i will die
[01:37] <enleuk> people dont say this
[01:37] <anonymous> i talked to people
[01:37] <anonymous> many people in kabalah passed this
[01:37] <anonymous> why would they lie to me
[01:37] <anonymous> they dont get anything from it
[01:37] <anonymous> the rule of thump is –
[01:38] <anonymous> if everything is ok, u will not beleive in anything
[01:38] <enleuk> Most academic sources maintain that the associations made between world events and
Kabbalahs prophecies are largely the result of misinterpretations or mistranslations (sometimes
deliberate) or else are so tenuous as to render them useless as evidence of any genuine predictive
[01:38] <enleuk> Moreover, none of the sources listed offers any evidence that anyone has ever
interpreted any of Kabbalahs prophecies specifically enough to allow a clear identification of any
event in advance. [P.S. i replaced ‘Nostradamus quatrains’ with ‘Kabbalahs prophecies’ cuz its
true for all prophecies]
[01:38] <enleuk> they get a lot from it
[01:38] <enleuk> they get what you get from believing that stuff
[01:38] <enleuk> so of course they want to believe the lies
[01:39] <anonymous> remember i told u about “right hand gets u closer and left hand pushes”
[01:39] <anonymous> this is what happens to u now
[01:39] <enleuk> yes, lies
[01:39] <anonymous> left hand is harsh on u lol
[01:40] <enleuk> keep lying to me, maybe i will all of a sudden start believing
[01:40] <anonymous> nope
[01:40] <anonymous> u will not
[01:40] <enleuk> well, thats true
[01:40] <enleuk> i wont
[01:41] <anonymous> since u are interested in learning the stuff about worlds, sciences and things
[01:41] <anonymous> u CAN learn things from kaballah that will help u advance in your study of those
[01:41] <anonymous> u dont need to beleieve
[01:41] <enleuk> but i can learn from other sources too
[01:42] <anonymous> u will learn new theories , u might accept or now
[01:42] <anonymous> of course
[01:42] <anonymous> i understand u tried alot of sources already
[01:42] <anonymous> and this one may bring some new stuff
[01:42] <enleuk> kabbalah is just another religion
[01:42] <anonymous> check it
[01:42] <enleuk> i did
[01:42] <anonymous> maybeย  u will think different
[01:43] <enleuk> i dont believe in anything metaphysical
[01:43] <anonymous> 5 minutes is not checking
[01:43] <anonymous> i am checking it for 2 years lol
[01:43] <enleuk> how many religions and philosophies have you checked out?
[01:43] <anonymous> told u already
[01:43] <enleuk> ive checked out 25 religions and 15 philosophers
[01:43] <anonymous> so check another one.
[02:11] <anonymous> unlike buddist, that kill their ego
[02:11] <anonymous> they would say – yes yes, i read all of it , sir
[02:11] <enleuk> mm, its strange. but at least theyre pacifists
[02:11] <enleuk> not like the crusaders
[02:12] <anonymous> yeah slowing the developmnet of the humanity.
[02:12] <anonymous> no ego – no movement
[02:12] <anonymous> if all where buddist, we would now sit in a cage
[02:12] <anonymous> i mean – cave lol
[02:12] <anonymous> like cave men ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:13] <enleuk> maybe theres nothing wrong with no movement. i mean, where are you gonna go? we’re
already way out in space on a little rock called Earth.
[02:13] <anonymous> exactly. that what i told u – it will all come to dead end
[02:13] <anonymous> and then peple like u who like science will ask – what now?
[02:14] <enleuk> and the answer will be “its dinner time, then were gonna go watch a movie”
[02:14] <anonymous> and then they will discover new science, that will teach them all things in the
world ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:14] <anonymous> this “what now” is gonna happen really soon man.
[02:14] <anonymous> maybe we will be alive then
[02:14] <enleuk> thats what jehovas have said for many years
[02:15] <anonymous> its happening now
[02:15] <anonymous> The Crisis that is now.
[02:15] <enleuk> they say “its happening now, you can see it all over the world”
[02:15] <anonymous> is the beginning of ‘what now?’
[02:15] <enleuk> but each time they set a date for it to happen, it never happens
[02:15] <anonymous> no, i dont mean the end of the world
[02:16] <anonymous> i mean the date that people will understand things
[02:16] <enleuk> no, you mean something else i know. but its the same argumentation “the signs are
all there”
[02:16] <anonymous> no, only crisis is there for now ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:16] <enleuk> ya, the crisis is the sign
[02:17] <anonymous> world crisis, economical, political, religious. all fields
[02:17] <enleuk> you forgot global warming
[02:17] <anonymous> everything is getting stuck slowely
[02:17] <anonymous> nah its nothing
[02:17] <enleuk> but the financial crisis is?
[02:17] <enleuk> the last election is?
[02:17] <anonymous> its not financial in the root
[02:18] <enleuk> no, its metaphysical in the root, right?
[02:18] <anonymous> yep
[02:18] <enleuk> ๐Ÿ˜›
[02:18] <anonymous> its change of state of humanity ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:18] <enleuk> well, im an atheist, i dont believe in metaphysics
[02:26] <anonymous> btw, u might want to check out what HAARP is ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:29] <enleuk> you mean HAARP thats for studying the ionic sphere? or HARP that shoots down

[02:29] <anonymous> first one
[02:29] <anonymous> studying… yeh, they can destroy thw earth with it
[02:30] <anonymous> if us and russia start haarp war, the people AND the planet are fucked lol
[02:30] <enleuk> HAARP and HARP are often confused, you sure you dont mean the one that shoots down
[02:30] <anonymous> nono
[02:30] <anonymous> the one that can change the world to what u want
[02:31] <enleuk> HAARP is an attractive target for conspiracy theorists because “its purpose seems
deeply mysterious to the scientifically uninformed”.
[02:32] <enleuk> im sorry but youre looking more and more gullible ๐Ÿ˜›
[02:32] <anonymous> hehe ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:32] <enleuk> “An opinion piece on a Venezuelan state-run television channel’s website named
HAARP as a cause of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.”
[02:32] <anonymous> if u suddently get +50 degrees in winter in sweeden, tell me that again
[02:33] <anonymous> its opinion, no proof. but this thing exist
[02:33] <anonymous> noone can proove if it was used
[02:33] <enleuk> yes of course, its used by meteorologist
[02:33] <enleuk> everybody knows it exists
[02:34] <anonymous> thats what i say ๐Ÿ™‚
[02:34] <enleuk> but the conspiracy theories who dont understand what the scientists are doing say
it can cause earthquakes
[02:34] <anonymous> it can cause anything
[02:35] <enleuk> no, youre one of those who dont understand what the scientists are doing with it
[02:36] <anonymous> yep. man if i knew and understood what they really do, i would commit suicide and
not allow them to do those things to me lol….
[02:37] <enleuk> ok… well-founded assumptions
[02:37] <enleuk> im asleep now, cya
[02:37] <anonymous> good night


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