Does the Soul Exist?

“I sense, therefore I have senses”

The short answer to the question is no and the long answer is very long but maybe I can summarize the reasons why there’s nothing metaphysical, all things metaphysical are human inventions/ideas.

1. Power greed. People use religion for their own purposes and knowingly invent false fantasies for egotistical reasons.

2. Lack of understanding. We can’t see what cells, quarks or stars are really made of without sophisticated instruments and we still have many questions.

3. Gullibility. A lot of people believe in their ancestors and authority figures, misinterpret (consciously, subconsciously and non-consciously) or pass on other people’s lies because it fits with their own convictions, it’s a sort of combination of lack of understanding and wishful thinking but not exactly either of them. Even the supposedly cynically power greedy may suffer from gullibility and the other five reasons.

4. Wishful thinking. We all want a purpose in life, we don’t want to be mere mortal bodies, we want to be special, we want there to be a reason for our existence, we are very afraid of death (see bottom of post) and often it’s just because people are unhappy.

5. How? A) When during 3 billions years of evolution did the souls enter the organisms? B) When during the creation process of an individual organism does the soul enter? C) Where did the soul come from? D) Where does it go when we’re asleep, dead or not paying attention? E) How does the soul control the organism? All of these questions are nonsensical in light of scientific research.

6. “Why?” Human minds are limited, they simplify the universe into nouns and verbs so they can have an understanding of the universe along the formula verb->noun. An example is having sex->baby or burning->heat. This idea of cause and effect is a simplification because the entire universe is just one single continuous process, but our understanding is based on dissecting items by going backwards in the chain of events using the question why, creating more and more concepts by dividing concepts into smaller parts and relating them to each other in a monocomplex network (the brain is physically and functionally such a network). However there’s no end to this ultimately flawed line of inquiry, so there never was and never will be an ultimate reason for the same reason time will never stop, we only ever exist in the present. Mind you that although our method is ultimately flawed, it’s relatively true.

7. “Who am I?” Descartes said “I think, therefore I am” implying there has to be a metaphysical I, effectively dividing the I into a body and a soul, a two-in-one being. He didn’t say “I think, therefore I am a physical being” or “I think, therefore I exist as a physical being”. I would have said “I sense, therefore I have senses” or I=the sensations of my body or I=body.

My advice: Don’t invent a magical alternative reality with immaterial souls and Gods and a supernatural system for explaining these fantasies. Instead, accept being your body, in this reality, with all its limitations. You’re a monkey. A really cool one.

(Promises of an after-life: In norse mythology, if you die in battle you get to go to Valhall and feast on the pig Sæhrimner for all eternity, because the day after it’s eaten it’s alive again. Judaism, Christianity and Islam say that if you’ve been good/believe in God/ask forgiveness you go to a paradisical place called heaven for all eternity. Greek heroes went to Elysium. Jehovas say that the good people will live for a thousand years of peace on earth and the Jehovas themselves, 144000 to be specific, will rule the earth from heaven. Buddhism and Hindusim say you are reborn after death and get to live again, and again, and again and so on until you reach moksha/nirvana or become one with the universal soul/god for eternity. More after-lives)


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