In Case I Die, Let It Be Known

I will die, eventually, so it’s not really an “if” I die because if I don’t die I’ll live for 1 googol years, and that’s only the beginning.

Regardless, I hope my posts, although scattered and strange, together can form a picture of my philosophy. But here’s a short summary:

  • I sense because I have senses. The neural network can only stretch itself into points and relationships, it can never be the other.
  • Time does not exist an Sich, it is a metaphor for motion. Soul is a metaphor for my body. God is a metaphor for the rest of the universe.
  • Alan Watts said “I am conscious, therefore consciousness exists in the universe”. Although I like Watts a lot, he makes the same mistake that Descartes does in assuming this existence is metaphysical. My consciousness, like Max Velmans argues, is a physical mirroring of the material universe.
  • Thomas Hobbes said only a power-surrendering contract can convince people to trust in symbiosis. I say constructive communication is enough to create a bottoms-up society without formalized power.  I’m opposed to formal laws and ownership.
  • I believe in physics and not metaphysics because Occam’s razor* cuts off the meta- leaving only physics. The relative truth is in the neural network, but the ultimate truth is beyond knowing.
  • Jacques Derrida might’ve agreed with me that there are no objective truths or morals, nothing is given, all is subjective and relative and created bottoms-up. He relied too much, but not much too much, on language as the source for ultimate knowledge though, just like Freud relied too much, but not much too much, on sex. A bottoms-up** universe means everything is always more complex than we think and ultimately can’t be simplified to fit within our comparatively tiny minds.
  • We have unfathomable potential and a false understanding of our limits.

*An apple under an apple tree has not come from a second apple tree

**The idea of universal unity is top-down and therefore not relatively true, only ultimately possible. What we perceive as units are collections of ever smaller units making the sum appear greater than it’s parts congregated where the “universal energy”(?) forms local maxima, just like species are local maxima of evolution.


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