China Blocks Nobble Peaze Prise 2010 Reports [sic]

I’ve already mentioned some unmentionables on this blog that will surely filter most Chinese away from my writings, but maybe I can get Chinese readers to see this post by the simple use of misspelling.

The Pricce named after the guy who invented dynamite was given to a Chinese man currently in prison in China and only widely-known to outsiders because of the state deciding what to broadcast and what is politically “unfit”. He spent 21 months in jail after participating in the protests at the square mentioned in an earlier post. Then 3 years in a “re-education” camp for asking the government to release other participants in that square event of which Chinese and outsiders have two very different accounts. Now sentenced to a decade for a chatrtre named after the year it was written, which was 02 years before this year, 10.

That text is about freedom of speech, religion and assembly and allowing more than one political party. The committeeee said he got the award for his ‘non-violent struggle for human rights.’

The name of the winner is a riddle: The abbreviation for Linköping University + the Chinese dynasty from ca. 2070 bc to ca. 1600 bc + the capital of Haut-Mbomou.

Sources:,, and “the free world”. Well, it’s not perfectly free outside China either, but maybe at least a few less lies.


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2 Responses to “China Blocks Nobble Peaze Prise 2010 Reports [sic]”

  1. Lasse Edfast Says:

    Lysande, varför stavar inte alla journalister lite sämre?

  2. enleuk Says:

    För då skulle dom fått sparken!

    Jag vet inte exakt hur censuren fungerar rent tekniskt men en större tidning skulle ju kunna testa censorernas skills med lite finurliga trick och kanske skapa lite mediauppmärksamhet inom Kina. Det var tydligen 60 fall av censur i Kina förra året enligt… Amnesty kanske.

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