Female Literacy Will Save the Earth

There’s a new book out comparing surrogacy to prostitution, saying the patriarchy allows the abuse of the female body. It’s difficult to not say yes, this is true, because there is and has been a patriarchy and there is and has been systematic abuse of the female and her body. And it’s difficult also because I say Christianity is bad as well, ignoring all the good things individual Christians have done. But there is a difference. Surrogacy and prostitution allow for the free choice of the woman because it is not a fundamental, inherent a priori that surrogacy and prostitution are a cause of the patriarchy, it is “only” convention, whereas it is fundamental to Christianity that an immaterial being created the universe and therefore all Christians, without a single exception, are delusional, at least from the perspective of an atheist.

This is not a mere question of rhetoric, it’s an important distinction to make because it labels individuals erroneously and if you want to help individuals who need help you need to understand who needs help and who doesn’t or you can’t succeed. Also it furthers a misunderstand of a very important part of being a human, namely our bodies. Voluntary prostitution or surrogacy is not fundamentally impossible, but in a certain view of the body the body is such a holy thing that it can’t be used as a commodity and therefore erroneously thought of as fundamentally impossible. This view is to me wrong, because the human body is just a collection of molecules and the only relevant consideration is the free will of the individual, regardless of the implications this choice has on the material body, be it prostitution, drug-use or suicide, which are commonly referred to as unholy acts upon the body, in the sense that nobody could possibly voluntarily do it. Sure, we shouldn’t take light on these matters, but ultimately there is no fundamental reason to forbid it in general, it should always be a matter of personal choice. Instead of taking it lightly, I believe my view makes an even stronger case for the need to understand these things and the importance of education and the abolition of prejudice.

As a shining example of education, Hans Rosling uses statistics to sort out prejudice from fact, although in a different context.


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