My Last Words

– Stand still!

My pulse disobeyed. The wonders accompanying famine rushed towards my attention, flowing from drops hidden on the underside of grey rocks left forgotten in fields of emerald bliss, a crushing water fall of chilling reality came down over my corneas and made the soldiers fade.

– Fire!

The water proved a flimsy attempt at shielding my life force from shattering. The bullets knocked politely but entered unaware of the available  entrances and shredded my muscles into a glitter storm of razor-sharp needle-pin-tip-thin fibers. The welled-up blood burst out through its confines with a somber laughter that died when the drops glanced at the cold, dead stone floor and became nauseously nostalgic about leaving the hearth. The nerves screamed bloody murder as their tight-fisted bond tore in violent and frantic vibrations. The echo of the hollow skeletal sound pulsating around the bone marrow lasted an eternity as my last thought evaporated and became flesh.

– Feed him to the pigs.

– What pigs?

– The children, you moron!


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