An Argument Against Suicide Selbstmord Självmord

I was watching a debate on how to deal with people online encouraging others, helping others to kill themselves or ignoring others in need of help to live. Should we do it by legislation or is it a problem caused by society that needs changes in school or is the problem about Internet?

In India a lot of farmers are killing themselves because the EU and USA subsidize their own farmers literally killing all competition globally. This is protectionism, egotistical, wrong and it’s not what our farmers need, they’d be better off competing on a fair market and so would the Indian farmers.

Society is a cause, but if we can’t change society by snapping our fingers, then let’s do what we can online, because NOT TALKING ABOUT IT IS FUCKING MORONIC.

The people who think of killing themselves, committing självmord, will not find their way online to Suicidprevention because they don’t know that that’s the word they need to google. Instead they will find a forum with anonymous people who know what the most common ways of suicide are and where to get the necessary equipment or drugs. They have no desire to figure out whether a person wants help because they don’t know how to die or because they don’t know how to live. We can’t fix apathy, all we can do is try to produce more information than what the apathetic people are providing.

I’m a nihilist, which means I don’t believe in God or a purpose for the universe. Nietzsche said that this was the coming crisis of humanity, how to deal with being meaningless. For me it’s not a big deal, just like my family and friends have accepted their jobs and their homes and the food they eat without being distressed over not having a better job, a better home or better food, I have accepted that I will only live for a few years and then die. It doesn’t affect my everyday life, just like believing in God usually doesn’t affect everyday activities like eating, sleeping, working, having fun and so on.  I believe that once I’m dead my life will have been meaningless from my point of view, because I will no longer exist and no longer have a point of view.

Death doesn’t matter to me, because every second I live, I live. It’s that simple. Every new day brings an opportunity, it brings new seconds, new thoughts, new experiences, new possibilities. I treasure every second I get to watch the photons of the sun, reflected in all the objects on earth, because while I live I have the possibility to treasure them. Don’t be afraid to talk about death, you will realize that death is irrelevant because you’re only alive when you’re alive and so only life is relevant. You can open Pandora’s box and let everything out, yet hope will always remain.

In philosophy the question of identity is fundamental to the existence of the soul and God. Here’s my analogy.

Clark Kent is not Superman, not because Clark Kent is one person and Superman another, but because Clark Kent now is not Clark Kent now, just like 5-year-old CK is not the same as 22-year-old CK or dead CK is not 8-cell CK in his mother’s womb. The self is created anew every time a electron in the body moves a pictometer, or rather, continuously. The sense of continuity is caused by the new self’s access to memories storied as biological hardware that consists of the same neurochemical parts as new experiences of the senses and thus each new self is a combination of new and old biology giving it an element of connecting with past selves. This is why we in each new present believe we are still the same as before and this illusion supports the belief in a constant soul.

Spoiler: In the movie The Prestige, Hugh Jackman’s character invents a teleporter that copies himself into two, he then kills the person in teleporter 1, steps out of teleporter 2 and the audience is baffled. In reality, the machine does not copy the identity of the magician, it reads the molecular information of the original and creates a new identity, because consciousness comes from the biology and not from the metaphysical plane. This means that the magician commits suicide each night and a new person which has all the same memories and neurobiology and therefore the same personality as the original had at the moment he stepped into the teleporter emerges. This is no different from the new person that emerges every pictosecond.

In high school I discussed the implications of having truly identical twins. Normally, identical twins don’t have exactly the same DNA because during the growth of an individual the DNA copying is subject to interference and they won’t play the same games or even work at the same place and so differences are unavoidable, but is it even theoretically possible to have two identical people? The answer is yes and no.

To be truly identical, they must have the same molecules, all atoms must be in identical places, every electron must move in synchronization with it’s corresponding electron, every molecule of air surrounding them must also be in the exact spot and have the exact speed and direction, every experience they have must be identical, everything must be viewed from exactly the same point of view, they must both always be in the exact same position in relation to the sun. Of course, if they’re on this planet, the symmetry is not possible unless they are either both in the exact same position of space, consisting of the same atoms, i.e. they share all atoms, they have all atoms in common, they are actually the same person, or they could exist in two identical parallel universes. I don’t believe in other dimensions, I don’t even believe in time or that space has more than one dimension, so let’s leave that for now.

2 possibilities are left. One is that on two different but identical planets in two different but identical places in the universe, far away from each other, all the atoms affecting the two identical persons are identical, the only differences are so far away that they will not affect the twins during their lifetime. Maybe if the Big Bang was symmetrical and they both live on opposing sides of its origin. These two people will be identical, and have the exact same thoughts, but they will still be two different people because they are made of identical but different atoms.

Lastly, a person can be identical to a different person if time was reversed. Now, time is only a function of matter and doesn’t exist an Sich, so the only way to travel back in time is to reverse the matter. This includes reversing the motion of each electron spinning round an atom, so we’re pushing it in terms of probability here. The new person, now returning to an identical state as the past person, is not the same soul, but it’s difficult to know whether we should call the person identical to the previous person or not, because since we’ve reversed time it’s not a new person, we’ve only gone back to the previous person. The only crux is that identity is produced, just like all phenomena or all attributes or qualites of matter are produced, so reversing time might be impossible as it would deconstruct the phenomena and ya… I don’t know where I’m going with this, but my point is that there’s no immaterial identity that stays the same, no matter the path to a specific identity, because mental states are continuously created anew, as continuously as the universe is materially continuous that is.

Now, if you had killed yourself, you would have never learnt that.


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