Climategate Debunked

Just before the Copenhagen Climate Summit, someone got a hold of the email correspondence of a climate scientist. Phrases like “hide the decline” were taken out of context to suggest that the scientists were corrupt and the science was too. The media went bananas and ignored the fact that all science still pointed in the same direction, even if this particular scientist had been corrupt, which he wasn’t. The Copenhagen meeting was a fiasco and all kinds of propaganda has overshadowed the factual debate and stifling political progress on the matter. This is fact:

1. Humans are affecting the earth.

2. It will lead to problems.

Humans have very little understanding of what they are, mainly because they can’t see small things like atoms and molecules and cells and DNA that form the humans. They don’t understand that water is a dangerous liquid to anyone who hasn’t adapted to it for 3 billion years and incorporated it into their bodies like humans who consist of 70% water. We are not living in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants, we are certainly not living in harmony with each other or even ourselves.


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