Thoughts on the Big Bang

Anyone got any ideas on the Big Bang, qunatum mechanics, black holes, photons or field theory? Please make suggestions, let your mind wander. Please note that this is speculative and not in any way scientific. The purpose is to think outside the box and be inspired.

Let’s say quantum fluctuations created the Big Bang. They occur all the time, so they might’ve occured before (!) the Big Bang as well, and what they do is create waves that together form stable protons, neutrons and electrons. It’s possible they were created along the lines of: There was 0, then 0 became +1 and -1 and just like everything else in the universe, you need a lot of 1s to form larger stable things like atoms and humans and planets and quantum fluctuations occur all over the place. Maybe the stability lies in 3-dimensionality and the 2-dimensional strings are unstable, or that’s just bs because photons are 2d, or are they? Anyway, instead of saying that they created a singularity that contained everything in the universe and that expanded, which doesn’t seem to happen with black hole singularities, then maybe a lot of different 1s where created in different places that circulated around a centre, maybe in the form of giant black holes with orbiting galaxies/gases until enough mass smashed together in the middle and caused the matter to fly away in all directions. These bits are still accelerating (maybe because of dark energy or dark matter) but eventually, thousands of billions of years later, they might be dragged back into centre of the universe. There they might be thrown out again or neutralized by the -1s or a bit of both, however, where is the -1s right now? Were they too flung out like the 1s and do they form stable dark matter?

Imagine that photons are like coins, flat and round, only they’re so flat they actually have 0 depth. They’re 2-dimensional. The only way for photons to bond is like a stack of coins, each flat surface connected to another flat surface. Given enough photons in a row, they will have depth, they will become 3-dimensional. It’ll be like a Chinese dragon and it’ll form a wave. Being 2-dimensional or some approximation of 2-dimensional is key for this idea that they must necessarily bind in the direction of a stack of coins and thus create a wave. Maybe the alignment of the field in which photons are created determines the permanent alignment of a photon, making them able to bond only in a specific direction with identically oriented photons until it’s made into a quantum fluctuations and back into a new photon with a new orientation. See, it would be great if photons made up all things, including quarks. Maybe there are anti-photons to account for dark matter.  Or maybe I should replace all instances of photons with strings.

The reason I’m interested in photons is that a black hole collapses into an infinitesimal singularity at point where gravity surpasses the speed of light. Firstly, we havn’t found the graviton yet, so we don’t know if it works like predicted by carrying the force onto particles. Secondly, humans are very visual creatures, in everyday life we define matter as something you can see, yet it’s obvious that objects don’t inherently “look” in a way, instead it’s just the echo of the sun we receive and from which we can deduce the quality of the surface. So, to think that photons are the ultimate particles strikes me as a very self-centric idea even though the science behind it may be sound (no pun intended) and a black hole singularity also strikes me as odd; why wouldn’t the black hole behave like all other massive objects? Maybe gravitons are trapped in its gravity? Although that seems weird. My intuitive thought  is that black holes are identical to planets and stars and galaxies, only they’re black because photons can’t escape.


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4 Responses to “Thoughts on the Big Bang”

  1. hortis Says:

    what about cyclic models of the big bang?

    or perhaps the fate of the universe?

    If you aren’t familiar with all of this of course.

  2. enleuk Says:

    Yeah, I know the standard models. I was hoping to get comments with more personal and novel fantasies. So… feel free to speculate.

  3. Tenchi Says:

    I was going to paraphrase the quote below as a post and thought otherwise ~

    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ~Terry Pratchett

    Sometimes I think we focus on the minute details and fail to grasp the significance of how vast the Universe is right now. Somehow all this stardust is here from somewhere… Then I think to myself that someday we will discover our reality isn’t based on time and space at all. Ah the mysteries!

    Anyway thanks for the interesting blog and videos you’ve linked from elsewhere.



  4. enleuk Says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    I agree, the mystery is unfathomable. Space-time is very Einsteinian, and his theories wont last forever and philosophically time and space as fundamental to the universe belongs to Kant and his theories wont last forever either. There’s a constant redesign of knowledge and vocabulary going on that gives us the impression that we’re learning more, when actually we might just be getting better at dissecting the same truth into more and more contrasting concepts. We can’t really know if that’s the case because we can’t look at our existence from the outside.

    Oh, and Terry Pratchett is my favourite author. 🙂 Subconsciously I probably owe him a lot in terms of understanding our society and thinking outside the box.

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