Drip Drop

in the city in the sea
the tears had painted
a water-colour mural
a nano-deluge of hope
in the labyrinth of blood
eroded by acid rain
and eternal waves of battle
and pissed on by nature
it sailed aimlessly down
a waterfall of pain
into the bottomless cylinder

in the silent darkness
one became two
one went away
two stayed behind
all three held hands
in a six-arm chain
with two dozen locks
the key is the thumb
making ape art

the maelstrom of hope
tore through space
sharper than light
an infinite cyclone
with an eye for details

a path
a hero
a minotaur
a sword
a string

a mule
a dragon
a lion
a child

a drip drop in a well in a square

Robert Venosa Buddha


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