Beijing-London High-Speed Railway Planned

This is great news. China are planning a high-speed railway through India/Iran/Middle-East/Europe and through Russia to London.

There are 1500 million people in China. That’s twice as many as Europe+the U.S. And they have a dictatorship and the fastest growing economy. Therefore, they have no problems realizing such a project as this. It is quite likely they are mostly interested in the minerals of the -stan countries and sub-Saharan Africa, but a good thing about capitalism is that it only destroys the poor, it doesn’t care what colour or in which culture the poor are. It might lead to better communication between Europe and India, not just physical, but intellectual; and between Europe and Iran, which has been “needed” (not needed) since the student revolt; and between Eastern Europe and Russia and Russia and China since Stalin; and between India and China and between them and the Middle-East since Zoroaster/Buddha/Confucius/Adi Shankara/Mohammad and Plato/Constantine if you add Europe.

Of course, that’s more visionary and ultimately only symbolic than realistic, but still, the potential is enough to make your heart skip a beat. Read more about China and its relationship to Europe and Africa.


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