Aliens are Primates? New Psychological Insights

How come all the aliens we depict look like humans? Subconsciously, aliens are to humans as humans are to chimps. That means they’ve not even left the primate family. Humans have less hair than chimps, bigger brains and walk upright which enables them to manipulate high-tech tools more easily. A typical alien, the small, thin one (sometimes wearing an artificial exoskeleton) with 2-5 fingers on each hand, walks upright on two legs, has a very big head and very big eyes and they don’t even have eyebrows or pubic hair and they travel through space and operate high-tech machinery. That’s like the next step in primate evolution; chimp-human-alien and space is the supposed final frontier for us so it’s not strange that we imagine aliens to be similar to what we imagine future humans are like.

This green alien to the left is more similar to a human than any other life-form we’ve ever seen. The only exception is the big eyes, but all mammal children have big eyes making them instinctively cute so the parents will take care of it, they also have bigger heads, so either we connect big heads and big eyes, or want to cutify aliens, or we think so much about vision (i.e. we see the world more than we smell it) that we gave this quality to the alien as well, or think future humans will be even more visually oriented  than already today or a combination or something else.

Either way, we seem to have a very limited imagination when it comes to aliens. The picture shows a green alien without a nose but with big eyes. That’s probably in line with humans having a very bad sense of smell compared to other animals and good eye-sight compared to most animals; most mammals  have only 2-colour-vision, primates 3, birds 4. Also, no genitals. Is this because sex is tabooish and dirty or because it is animalistic or because it is more high-tech to produce children in a lab rather than in a pile of leaves or is it a combination or something else?

Aliens and humans are not actually related; anyone that says that the pyramids were built by aliens does not know enough about history and evolution to be allowed an opinion on the matter. And those who claim that aliens have visited Earth today or in the past 5 million years, obviously have no respect for the improbability of intelligent enough life to arise close enough in time and space with motivation enough to travel for maybe 1,000 years (It takes 2,200,000, that’s 2.2 million, years just to travel from the nearest(!) galaxy and that’s at light-speed, which is theoretically impossible) through space just to get here without knowing if there’d be life here.

On a different note, if you look at some of the aliens (the bad guys, the muscles) in the movie The Fifth Element, they are humans with heads like boars or orcs. And orcs represent the same thing as these, they are stupid and muscular and physical and ugly as opposed to the light elves who are tall, wise, pacifist, cultural and can even communicate telepathically. So, it’s like splitting humans into an intelligent pole and a stupid pole, just like the dichotomy of good and evil, and the frequent use of dark and light in e.g. LOTR.

What I’d like you to remember though, looking at your nailed, hydrophobe paws clawing away at the keyboard in front of your being, is that you are a primate living on a planet in space, or, as I like to call myself, a space monkey.


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4 Responses to “Aliens are Primates? New Psychological Insights”

  1. andrew Says:

    I agree with this. We study primates and recognise our ancestoral link. Similarly these advanced civilizations (aliens) study us. This means theyre either us in the distant future, or they are responsible for the “missing link”. They dont communicate verbally, but telepathically. They dont need books or computers, everything exists in a sort of psychic storehouse. Most importantly they arent hell bent on destroying themselves the way we are. I think if theyre interested in us its largely because theyre concerned with our destructive tendencies.

  2. enleuk Says:

    Are you describing what humans might have thought when inventing the characteristics of aliens or are you telling me what you actually believe the aliens are like?

    I don’t think aliens look like us, I think we picture them as such because we have a very limited imagination. And they are not our future selves because it is impossible to travel backwards through time. And if there exists an advanced alien civilization it is unlikely it will have arosen close enough to Earth for them to be aware of our existence. Humans have been in the space age for less than 50 years and single-celled organisms were the only thing on Earth for a billion years and nowhere near our planet have we found life and even if you travel at the speed of light, which is impossible for atoms and things larger than atoms, it still takes 2.2 million years to travel to the nearest galaxy, so the chance of space age aliens to visit us right now is so small that it’s just plain silly to assume they have and if you examine the reported UFO sightings with scientific scrutiny you find it’s all nonsense, which fits the assumption that intelligent life is very thinly spread out in the universe and the aliens reported are the creations of simple people with limited imagination and a lack of deeper understanding of DNA and the evolution of DNA on Earth and possible alternatives to DNA and the corresponding phenotypes.

  3. Mattis Says:

    Who knows, maybe aliens are just «minds» surfing through dimensions such as time and space. But if they are a lifeform as we know it, maybe made of let’s say carbon (like we are) — their body wouldn’t be that different from all the green aliens in movies.

    Think about it. Everything on this planet is perfect. Probably everywhere else in the universe too. Even though some aliens could live on a planet with a different gravitation and be tall as hell or small, chubby dudes – they still are primate-like creatures, walking on two legs, big head etc.

    It’s a good point that they don’t have big eyes for sure – who knows, maybe some live in caves and are using IR to navigate. But they probably look like us.

  4. enleuk Says:

    I got more thoughts on that topic here if you like:

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