My Debate with a White Supremacist

“The Freedom of association is necessary for our race’s interests. The supreme court have sidestepped the true intentions of our founders by interpreting the provisions in the first amendment in a way that renders them ineffective. Thus, it is logical to draft new legislation that explicitly grants the freedom of association for all. What do you think is a “necessary” course of action?”

“Our race’s interest” What world do you live in? I don’t agree with any of your interests despite having just as few pigments in my skin as you. Feminists, gays? You live in the 19th century or something? Jonathan Swift was a clever man, he didn’t base A Modest Proposal on world-detached ignorance but a sharp-witted understanding of his society. Your white, male, straight supremacist views on US laws are as narrow-minded as the Lilliputians fighting over the correct way of breaking an egg.

“Regarding your question about feminism and homosexuality; if you consider Rachael Maddow a shining example of what a successful woman should be we certainly do have a conflict in preference. I support true femininity in our women and support a woman’s need to fulfill her life in a professional field so long as those goals do not impede reproduction of our unique people. I also support Masculinity and chivalry in our men as these traits are also necessary for a successful family unit.”

Your discourse’s so out of touch with modern society there’s nowhere to even begin. What “unique people”? Are you saying some forms of life are more unique than others (a paradox)? And what kind of reasoning is behind the idea that it is good to produce a large quantity of sentient beings? Is not 1 life-form valuable enough in itself? I don’t know who Maddow is but I know you have a very narrow mind if you use 1 personality to represent the potential of 3.5 billion people.

“My discourse may be out of touch with a heavily demoralized public who since the end of WWII have been brainwashed to believe Jewish egalitarian propaganda. Truly what i am saying is what you should have recognized the first time i spoke it which is: White people are Unique. Although i am only one voice, i am not alone.  Higher construction of mankind is a legitimate and obtainable goal. Frankly you cannot mix sugar with shit; it ruins the sugar and doesnt make the shit taste better.”

You call me brainwashed and then say you want to base a Superman on white people? Have you even read Nietzsche or is übermensch just a word your brainwasher taught you? Either you have no clue about genetics, history and philosophy, or you have some childhood trauma feeding your hatred of those with skin colour different to yours that blocks you from connecting the dots. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about human DNA before proclaiming lack of skin pigmentation a virtue.

“Guess what dude. Happy new year. You just got blocked forevermore.”


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