Part 3: The Buddha Society

Technocracy is one thing, but you can’t deny that once solar energy gives us an abundance of electricity, we can shift focus from manual* labour and supposedly efficient (read cheap) production to a debate about sustainable materials and methods. The Earth is finite, but time is infinite. We’re all monkeys, we should not fight each other, we should enjoy our brief presence in the universe together. Laws, borders, money and every single conflict were created by the people in power to keep underlings in a mentality of fighting against each other because as long as the people are fighting, the society does not change and those at the top of the hierarchies will remain in power. Everyone who accepts the current situation on Earth, who accepts the global society they live in, participate in and fuel and solidify the injustice and suffering of other human beings. It is time to end the fight and embrace our destiny as the only known life in the universe. We are not enemies, we are all family.

*manu means hand

Part 1: Our Buddha Earth

Part 2: Planet Buddha


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