The Middle-East Revolution

Some facts you need to know about the Middle-East as a foreigner:

The terrorist muslims were created by the Saudi Arabia monarchy, allowing this Bedouin fanaticism to gain a political influence in the Middle-East and beyond.

The West betrayed the region after WW2 ended, only looking after their own colonial interests. The Nazis killed half of all the jews, already living in diaspora, it’s not the only genocide in recent history, but the US and UK wanted a military presence in the oil-rich region. The UK-captured land was divided up and the UN nations feeling guilty about the holocaust agreed to let the Jews have a piece of the land. Since then jews have slept with guns in hands, fearing another genocide, and have not made friends with their new neighbours. The Israelis, the different Arab groups and the rest of the world are not good friends and nobody trusts anyone.

There are a lot of poor people, a lot of young people with higher education and a lot of different ethnic/cultural/political groups who havn’t settled their differences yet.

The internet was such a force in the Egypt usurpation that their 82-year-old dictator didn’t understand what was happening and it’s a force for spreading the revolution to Yemen, to Tunisia, to Jordan, to Syria, to Algeria, to Saudi Arabia, to Iran (they’re already in the business though), to Libya, to Morocco and Sudan.

The muslims have no pope to unite them, they all have individualized or regional views on the truth, more like protestantism than catholicism.

So what’s gonna happen?

It will take a lot of time to usurp every dictator as some will be more stubborn and brutal. Economical improvement takes time too, and comes at the expense of the already big economies, which will intentionally or inadvertently be a hindrance to economic development. Islam will gradually become more like Christianity in the West, a private and less obviously influencing power in society. Women will become equal with men. The problems in Sub-Saharan Africa, the area south of Russia and India will be a factor in the problem-solving of the Arab world. All these things point to slow progress, but they also point to inevitable progress.

I hope you crazy Arabs read this. Know that we are all humans, we all want the same happiness, all the peoples of the Earth will one day be free and happy and therefore you have my support in your struggle.

Down with the pharaohs! Long live the revolution! Et cetera!


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One Response to “The Middle-East Revolution”

  1. Christopher Hinn Says:

    Egypt fate has just began but it is on the first step of getting into a democratic state. It needs all the support of the people who overthrown its dictator.

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