The Living Dust

It sat down silently, flowing back and forth across the surface. Uncanny, how many stars blinked just then. As if the glow was indicative of the state on the surface. The seat was relaxing and homey, unlike the branches in the dark, moving restlessly in the breeze, ancients holding dominion over the mind’s imagination. Underneath the surface lay cracked sand stone slabs, layers of orange and yellow crisscrossed by a moonlit wave pattern. The water was thick and bold, carrying the monster like a logger catching a redwood tree. It tilted its head down and closed its eyes focusing on the silence hidden in the wind. The unmoving protons were scarce, waiting like a shrouded temptation in the blissless air.  The cold could not reach the focused mind, focusing on the nothingness, on the beyond, on the lack, on the other, on the unself, on the emptiness and its relation to the all. The dream lay itself like a gauze veil with no beginnings or edges upon the tranquil thoughts. The thoughts grew out of the cloth like a forest through a spiderweb, powerful like a gorilla bicep, yet conserving the dream layer with the delicacy of a lover wanting a stroke to last forever. The pressure of the electrical storm shattered and tore the binding veil, yet could not penetrate to the other side. The dream was everywhere, dripping through, cascading, pounding inside, soaring sightlessly high above. Entangled the concentration dissolved into a jungle of radioactive wonders. The spirits of the mind manifested themselves, stealing first the shapes of the forest, then stealing the faces of life, then stealing the intentions of the heart. A memory drew a sword and shield in slow motion and faded into a mist which flapped its psyche wings and exhaled a snaky, spiral dance of fire singeing the coal, dead forest and warped into a burning rainbow orange, so orange it was white, and that white spark lit the ciel and penetrated the monster’s body with a single note, a hum, a Loooooooooooooooo. The resonance of the body flew with the air infinitely gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos and the human listened for the echo like a newborn bat. It saw that it was two.

by Martina Hoffmann


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