200,000 in North Korean Concentration Camps

“It is estimated that 23,000 North Koreans are at this moment locked up in about 20 concentration camps scattered about the country, perhaps since the 1950s, when the elder Kim (Kim Il Sung) was in power.” The Huffington post, 2010

Amnesty estimates 200,000. amnesty.org, May 3rd, 2011

The general public was not aware of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, but after the war, this was considered a good reason to wage war against Germany. Much like the Kuwait war led to the demise of Saddam Hussein and people rejoiced that the butcher of Baghdad had been slain afterwards, despite no WMDs. (WMDs: Look it up, it’s one of those funny U.S. Senate memes.)

The War on terror replaced the Cold war using common Orwellian rhetoric, however, now the king of terror Usama bin Ladin is dead, why don’t Team America: World Police do something about the house of Kim? Surely, there is no better candidate for invasion than a country led by a guy who thinks he’s the son of God. Oh, the historical irony of questioning divine authority!


One Response to “200,000 in North Korean Concentration Camps”

  1. Gledwood Says:

    did you know N Korea is supposed to produce about 6 tonnes of heroin annually and something like double that in pure methamphetamine???! and yet we barely EVER hear about this… possibly because they aren’t exporting this to the vociferous United States of America!!

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