Genesis Revised

Genesis 1

1 This is the true story of how God created the sky, the water and the land, which is proved since it is the word of God as written in Gen 1:1.

2 In the beginning the earth was without form and void and dark.

3 And God’s seed flew over the void in the darkness.

4 And created light and made the sun out of it.

5 And cleverly separated light from darkness on the surface by spinning the earth.

6 And God tilted the earth and sent it in a circle around the sun… for variation presumably.

7 Light God called day. Darkness God called night, unsure if names of things were needed for an omniscient mind; unsure if an omnipresent mind didn’t mean God was actually the universe or if it was possible to think something and be separate from it at the same time. Anyway…

8 God divided the spinning void into the ocean and the atmosphere.

9 And God placed the land in between to separate them.

10 And God gathered the water in one place to let the dry land reveal itself. And the atmosphere above.

11 And he gave all matter weight and the earth formed into a ball with all three parts in their respective places.

12 And God’s seed spread in the water, the sky and on land.

13 And there was life in the form of a supercomplex molecule. Things that grew from the earth; things that grew from those things; and things that grew from those things; and so on.

14 And God made the moon and the planets and the rest of the solar system. He then made  billions of billions of our star systems.

15 And God said to life, “Multiply.”

16 God created men and women that looked like God.

17 And God said to the humans, “Multiply and subdue the earth and have dominion over all other life,”

18 “And govern it wisely, including yourself, according to your own wisdom and not according to some old text.”


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