The Raelians Debunked

Just found out about them and watched some stuff, then decided it was just too easy to debunk it to even bother with a proper blog post. Evolution is a fact that works fantasticly well with the idea that life is billions of years old and the solar system, including the earth, is 4.5 billion years old. There’s no reason to think life was designed in the last few years rather than evolved during this time and how do you explain all the fossils in hundred million year old rocks then or even all the comparatively recent neanderthal fossils. And there’s no proof of an explosion forming the oceans. Anecdotal evidence of aliens are just that, anecdotal evidence. Aliens if they exist are very far from here and therefore unlikely visitors. If they was as evolved as us 25,000 years ago they’d have to be really close to be able to travel here in that short time. Why would they create humans and monkeys and all other life exactly as if they were all parts of a continuous scale of evolutionary progress over time instead of make them all independent of other creatures DNA?

Lastly, if you think aliens created the pyramids you’re a very uneducated person. Considering that humans have been as intelligent as we are today for 100,000-200,000 years, you should be able to expect that humans 3,000 years ago would be able to pile a bunch of stones on top of each other. We’d had writing, trading, religion, military, cities, agriculture for thousands of years already. A pile of stones is not fucking rocket science.


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