There was a Sound – as if of a Monkey

and it told its child it was the tree of life and knowledge

and it told it that the child was its seedling

and it told it that the child would too become the tree of life and knowledge to its seedling child

and it said ask and you shall receive and the child asked

why do I have wings

because you are an angel, I added the code for bird wings in your DNA in the same spot that insects have their code for wings

why do you have hair

because I have the old code, you don’t have hair because I removed that part from your DNA

what is that thing

it is a penis, it was used to discharge waste and as a pipette for inserting a part of DNA into a corresponding hole of another human to fuse the DNA parts into a new human

why am I green

because the sunlight produces green energy from photosynthesis in your skin so you don’t need to consume plants and animals in a digestive system

why are you so small, no wait, I know the answer

humans will think you are an angel and an alien

a messenger from a supernatural dimension

a visitor from a strange world

they will think of you as different from them because you are so much like them

(they can’t even think of a supernatural or otherworldly being without it looking like a human)

and their fear will make you suffer

why did you do this to me

I did it for them


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