What is an Agnostic Theist?

Let’s figure out the relation between atheism, theism, agnosticism and skepticism.

An atheist rejects all proposed claims about deities, and sometimes all metaphysical claims.

A theist believes in at least one deity, by definition a metaphysical being.

Agnosticism can mean many things. Some agnostics simply claim to not know if deities exist or not. Some believe it is impossible to know. But agnosticism isn’t limited to the question of deities. Some agnostics say that nothing can be known or that certain things, like the origin of existence or the existence of souls is either currently unknown or completely unknowable.

A skeptic is someone who has the general view that any knowledge must be supported by a certain amount of evidence before it is wise to believe in it.

We can have combinations of these. An example:

An agnostic atheist might disbelieve any proposed claims of deities or all metaphysical proposition and also claim that the origin of the universe is not yet known, or for some reason can never be known and they might even be open to possibility that a God or metaphysical reality does exist while believing that no such proposition has yet been proven.

However, there are as many possible categories of beliefs as their are minds in the universe.

Personally, I am a skeptic, meaning my default mind set is that every statement should be considered not a fact until sufficiently supported by evidence. I am a materialist, meaning I believe the description of a monist universe made up of tangible energy and matter is the best description. I am an anti-metaphysicsist, meaning I don’t believe in any metaphysical propositions. This includes gods, thus also making me an atheist. I also believe that nothing can ever be known for sure and I’m open to new definitions of deities or metaphysical claims and would believe them if they’re supported by evidence, making me finally also an agnostic.



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