What Is Peace?

In Iran, Cyrus the Great built a multicultural empire. His priests, who worshipped Marduk, wrote on a rugby ball-sized piece of clay in the then much popular* writing known as Akkadian cuneiform. This is what someone said today on another youtube video: “i love it plus the images makes me wanna time travel and experience ancient egypt or sumer or babylon. it seems wonderful.” This is a normal part of the Romantic Era that supposedly started like 500 years ago, but people have been nostalgic for a long time really. The poem Ozymandias comes to mind when I am told it is written of Cyrus as “King of the Universe” on the buried, shattered and forgotten piece of pottery. The priests and the jews both wrote their own versions of who’s God was responsible for the events that led to the Biblical account of the Babylonian captivity and the multicultural acceptance shown by Persia 2600 years ago in this baked clay. What is peace?

Peace is a passive fact, it is not protruding, it is the absence of war.

Like darkness is only absence of light.

Like throwing flowers and candle makers.

Like bouncing children on an airplane.

Like powder and shit.

And some tomatoes.

We live in peace most of the time. Sometimes people kill. We don’t have to be at war with each other. Humans can live in peace. We can stop being each other’s enemies. Capitalism is war. People are pitted against each other, you can only get rich by taking from others, we are enemies. We don’t need to be enemies, we can live in symbiosis, we can live in peace. What is peace?

Peace is being friends, who do things for each other even though symbiosis is both egalitarian and selfish.

They do things like scratch each other’s backs.

And hand out a cigarette knowing full well it’s not healthy.

And spend their time with you.

And pick stuff up.

And put stuff down.

And turn it all about.

And shake it like it’s hot.

And bake it if it’s not.

And then take a piece of pie into the living room. With certain skill.

And say things.

And listen to things that go “bzzzzzzz” and “wubwubwbu” and “343545943597”.

Then the fun begins, as all the sheep are laden with honey and stricken by the hand of a tortoise that, before the “I’m a Thunder God”-stuff, had been accidentally wedged in the coffee mug Sergeant Detritus drank molten minerals from each morning. In fact, he had so often listened to his own heart beat not thumping either faster or slower in proportion to the timing of the intake of the molten minerals, that the first day the tortoise winked at him from within the molten minerals he was quite shocked. In fact, he spilled the molten minerals onto the, unfortunately, wooden table, which made a sound as if a grinder had been ground into the ground with grinding grindness. After a few well-meant but firm** conversations with the proprietor of the establishment, in which the aforementioned troll coffee mug was being served next door to the Watch Headquarters, Detritus had to accept the presence of the green, little bugger as the tiny God would not leave.

The fun doesn’t stop there. It is everywhere. It is in the seven billion people laying down their weapons and meeting in Jerusalem, Babylon, Mecca, Ur, Rome, Istanbul and that’s just the Mediterranean/Middle-east, we can meet at any place on this planet. The Abrahamic tradition tells us this of Zion:

2 Many nations will come […]
They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore.
4 Everyone will sit under their own vine
and under their own fig tree,
and no one will make them afraid […]
5 All the nations may walk
in the name of their gods”

– Book of Micah, chapter 4

Peace is not being face to face with a gun but instead walking around calmly with a basket on your arm surrounded by people and food everywhere.


*Popular, people. At least the priests used it, at least once.

**Firm for a troll being a lot more intimidating to humans since the combined weight of all the arms and hands and feet et cetera made of the same material as mountains was multiple in relation to any given human’s mass.


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