The Creature

There was a creature lying in my bed. It lay on its back using its tentacles to hold a book in front of its face. Just before it had gotten comfortable under the cotton cover it had gone to the toilet. It had stood there on two legs and water had flown from a pipe in the middle of the body while it hummed some strange tune. It had used its tentacles to steer the water into the toilet, then washed them in the sink while its big eyes stared into each other in the mirror. Yawning it had turned the lights off before crawling back into bed. Its feet were not particularly wide in relation to the length of the body, but without apparent effort, they sufficed in managing the upright balance of the creature. When standing straight with legs together and arms along the sides it looked like a worm with a face. And of course there was the hair. The hair grew all over the body it seemed. In some places thick and long, in some places so little it was invisible at a distance. The only place there was no hair was in the palms of its hands. The hands were really interesting. Five fingers, perfectly ordinary, each with a unique pattern, each looking like a worm wearing a helmet. Each thumb had an enormous muscle, perhaps to compensate for the fact that it was facing the wrong direction as if somewhere along the creature’s evolutionary history a five-toed animal had become a four-toed animal with a freaky, mutated toe. That’s not the weirdest part though. The whole thing is encapsulated in a leather bag, except for a few holes here and there, notably the eyes which move freely but synchronously in the middle of the face. And now this heap of skin was rolling around in my bed and suddenly started at the realization of my presence, body parts flailing wildly and erratically, skin flapping, fluids shifting internally, an involuntary burp, friction and crevices and creaking and then… silence. It all came to a halt. The universe was only black and only white at the same time, which stopped. I blinked. The blinking of the eye was, slower than a glacier, unfolding and folding like the butterfly wings of an infinite rainbow. And the soul sang. And the universe shattered.


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