What Is an Atheist Apologetic?

A Christian Apologetic says the muslims have been written out of Euro-Catholic history books in terms of their involvement with the preservation and advancements in Roman and Greek culture and science through the Constantinople and Ottoman Empires.

An Atheist Apologetic says Jesus really did suffer and die on the cross/pole and that billions of people have spent a lot of their time with religion in mind, many devoting their whole lives.

An Atheist could also say that we spend a lot of time not seeing what is really there. We read about coffee cups and see them in movies but they’re only pictures, you’re not really there, you’re only imagining. Of course we can only perceive reality, we experience it via our senses, we only have a mental representation of reality, it’s not really reality, it’s an image of it. And when you look at reality you barely see it, you only see selected bits of it. So when you really look at what’s right in front of you you start seeing things like fingers, faces, cheeks, hair, society. The difference between immaterialism and materialism is naively only whether the picture or the so called reality is reality.


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