Who Am I?

Do we have a soul? Are we magical, special, immaterial beings? Are we, a tiny % of the universe, unique and different from everything else that is material? Do animals have souls? Materially they are just as unique as humans. We have the same DNA, the largest and most complex known molecule in the universe. If we are unique then so are the other animals. Is it the nervous system that is unique? It is 1 and near-symmetrical, connected in the middle of the brain, spread out in different globes and layers, stretching outwards through 4 tentacles, 5 if you include a penis, in near-uncountable sprouts. This is the structure that shapes a  mirror of the universe. It is not magically separated from the universe, it is material and a borderless part of the universe. So, the universe is 1 and near-infinite in terms of size, time and number of parts. The body is a countable number of parts, although in a constant flux as you can see in the video clip. The soul is the idea that the flux is a constant and as an idea it is great, it makes us self-aware and that enables us to achieve what no other things in the universe has achieved, breakfast cereals. But it is only an idea, self-awareness is not a constant, we are unconscious, we dream, we misunderstand ourselves and the universe, lying and guesses things wrong. Consciousness is recreated each new instant over time, each new state of mind unique, reflecting the ongoing changes of the nervous system brought on by its material machinery which is energized and resourced by the surrounding universe and thus also reflecting the universe. So, what are we? Well, we ARE this machine, in an everyday practical sense of the word being, practical in a way that furthers evolution by treating yourself as separate from the universe, because you have constantified the flux of the universe, inside the flux, so that you can control it. At other times it is better to remember the unity between the self and the rest and think of how the flux continues into and through the perceived constant. So, we have this delusion of a constant soul because we are, almost, 1 nervous system and we have the delusion that we are a part of God because our souls makes us feels special and magical. We are all connected, but only in a material sense. We are all unique, but only in a material sense, just like the state of the mind is constantified, so is the entire flux of the universe. We percieve it as globes and forces and circles and teeth. Which is practical, especially since small things like atoms are pretty constant from our perspective, i.e. the perspective of a 2 m tall structure that lives for 100 years. The universe, however, remains a flux and only in its function of each of its unique states, which is, again, material, can we relate the near-infinite? parts in relation to each other, a flash before it is a complete new world. Or maybe that’s just what I think.


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