Atheism as a Religion

Holy book

Atheists share in common only one tenet; the rejection of all God-claims hitherto suggested. The words atheism and atheist are therefore each sufficient to constitute holy scripture. The physical properties of the text is irrelevant; only the logos matters.


To worship is to acknowledge the causes of our being. As an atheist, you may worship water, soil, organisms, the sun and any force or constituent of the universe. Perform whichever ritual you like, whenever and wherever you prefer.


The hierarchy of the atheist church is obvious. The more youtube views a certain atheist has, the higher their ranking. Take their advice unquestioningly regarding all facets of life.


There is no dress code, but sensible clothing is advised. There is no moral code either. In the absence of axiomatic commandments, you must start to think for yourself.

Admission fee is 250 Noodles.


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