Ukraine, Race States and WW3

This is a copy of a youtube comment I made on a video about the crisis in Ukraine. The comment section was, unsurprisingly, brimful with hatred.

“Look, everyone here has been told lies and all nations have done horrible things in the past, there’s no point in having a contest of who raped the most people, certainly not based on propaganda sources. Accept this as a starting point. Now, let’s think about this from a broader perspective. In the 1700s Europe was controlled by the British Empire, the Frankish Empire, the Russian Empire, the Prussian (German) Empire and the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. The revolutions in Europe, including Russia, was the revolution of the middle-class who wanted to wrestle the power from the old aristocracy. This led to the collapse of the traditional family-led multi-ethnic empires and was replaced with parliamentary states. However, this coincided with and might not have been possible without the race biology ideas that arose at the same time. This led to the prevailing form of governing in the world today, the nation state, which is a parliamentary country based on a single homogenous nation (nation means people, folk, culture, ethnicity, race). Although all current nations states contain one or more ethnic minorities they are still divided by the majority ethnicity.

WW1 started in 1914. The Austro-Hungarian Empire had acquired Bosnia. In response, a Serbian anarchist killed the crown prince of Austro-Hungary, who weren’t allowed access to the Serbian prosecution of the murderer and declared war against Serbia, who were allied with Russia, who were allied with France, who were allied with Britain. Austro-Hungary was allied with Prussia/Germany and within a week they had all declared war against each other. The multi-ethnic Austro-Hungary lost the war and was divided by the winners based on ethnicity. Germany, who was on the losing side, was pissed off, and started WW2 with the aim of uniting all German people, and ultimately to create a world-wide empire, led by Germans much like the previous aristocracy-led empires.

Now, and this is the key, we are still living in nation states and we still havn’t solved the problem of ethnic tensions. Ukraine, multi-ethnic like Austro-Hungary has Ukrainians, Russians and Tatars within one country and it seems that violence is still the preferred method for solving the problem of ethnic tensions. We need to get away from this racist mentality and figure out a new way to deal with conflicts or WW3 is inevitable. Racism is of course not our only problem, we’re still dealing with fascist elite governments that oppress the masses and we’re still fighting a battle between capitalism, liberalism and socialism, but most people can’t even get this far because they’re still stuck in the racist mentality and see ethnically different people as the only real threat to the world. This blinds us from seeing that there are threats coming from all angles; the neoliberals in Washington, the oligarchs and nazis in Ukraine, the autocrats in Moscow and the list goes on. By buying into your respective country’s propaganda and fuelling hatred between ordinary citizens, you are all  just providing the leadership with grounds for continuing their destructive and divisive methods and by doing so you put your lives and your strength and your power in their hands instead of, as we should, realize that we are all in this together, alone on a planet in a cold, dead universe and we should bond together, not increase the distance between us with our misguided anger.”

I did omit what preceded this mentality but to touch on it briefly, the Habsburg family ruled the Holy Roman Empire of Germany from 800 to 1600, but with the Enlightenment, protestants and eventually Nietzsche killing God, the priesthood had lost its power by the 1700s and in the void of the unity that the idea of God provided, the stage was set for racism, uniting people on the basis of a superficial we versus them.


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