Separation of Capitalism and State

So, I had this idea of separating capitalism from politics, much like the separation of church and state. It’s fairly simply and although it would be very difficult to implement, I don’t see any major drawbacks. I’ve also added an old idea about a communist state below. Obviously I still prefer my neurocracy, but it’s always useful to test other ideas.

A Society of Separation:

Politicians deal exclusively with the legislature, while the execution of economy is handled solely by private organizations.

Government owns nothing, not even hospitals or schools, and does not earmark any resources for specific organizations or direct any specific actions. They redistribute capital by formula to any organization meeting the requirements.

Government only sets the legal frame for private actors, including emotions, body and property.

The most important issue for the government is to counter the accumulation of wealth. This can be done either through perhaps some Georgian-inspired tax on land or a progressive tax on property as opposed to a tax on income.

With all the power in the hands of the politicians, it is important that they are not corrupt. This requires that everyone, including children, are allowed to participate in elections.

An ascetic life is also needed. In Greece, the property of politicians (or tyrants?) was confiscated while they served the public to avoid bias. Of course, that only works if the confiscation is permanent. I havn’t solved the problem that this might seem unattractive to most people and might lead to old people trying to favour their next of kin.

One possibility though is that politicians and bureaucrats are one and the same, devoted to serving whether as elected or employed officials depending on public opinion. This would at least allow for a minimum of luxury as bureaucracy is the only governmental organization. It might also solve the problem of building government from the bottom-up in contradistinction to modern elitist parliamentarianism which is little more than an extension of monarchial rule.

Ok, so the communist idea is a really old one, but I’ve never written it down before and it’s basically a communist rental economy:

Government owns everything. It’s not possible for people to own anything, they can only rent and consume.

Everybody is employed by the government, but instead of receiving an income, each month they are allowed a specific quantity of rentals and consumables equivalent to their work effort. Any allowance not used that month is forfeited. There’s no second-hand rental either. This prevents accumulation of capital but still encourages people to work.

Obviously, the legislature must be such that if you’re sick, injured, a baby and so on, you’d be given a quantity of rental despite not working.

All that’s needed (piece of cake really) is a flattening of the hiearchy i.e. total democracy.


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