Jollege’s Voluntaryism

Hi, I got a question about voluntaryism. Does it advocate reform and if so, what kind of reform, or does it involve a revolutionary reset to level the playing field and position everyone on an equal starting point?

Thanx, no-one gets to define #voluntaryism, it’s an abstract entity, a label. My strategy is to wake ppl up, have them stop voting, stop asking for bribes. Stop watching state propaganda, have them understand what it means to judge all by same moral code. Some ppl promote fighting back violently. Self defence that is.

Ok. But what’s your personal view on issues of reform vs revolution and carry-over effects from old system vs levelling the playing field?

There will be no leveling out, ppl will stop paying taxes, state will need to sell assets off. Some state property can be homesteaded.

What about billionaires who gained their property thanks to either the state or by various immoral (or illegal if that’s relevant) means? To give a concrete example: The King of Sweden is believed to privately own property worth over 30 million euros. Should this be confiscated?

I don’t care much about that. Sure, they may have gained their wealth through state robbery. Who’s to judge, no-one is above anyone else. Independent dispute resolution entities may come up with clever ideas, but it’s dangerous, may turn into new tyranny. Money is an abstract entity, it only has value if others are willing to trade with you. The more traction nonviolence gets, the less ppl will be willing to trade with this who rely on force. Their money may end up dissolving in their pockets because no-one will trade with them.
But why wouldn’t people want to do business with someone who can invest 30 million euros?
To set the mind free and have peace of mind, you need to not care what other people do as long as are hurting anyone. That’s the whole point. So the bottom line is, I don’t care what happens to all that property. Just stop hurting innocent people – including me and my loved ones. It will probably be a gradual transition. People will gradually be less interested in doing business with those who got their stuff in immoral ways. Just like ppl have gradually gotten less inclined to buy stuff from vendors that treat ppl badly – if a company has child labour etc or similar scandals – that’s bad for business. Ppl har concerned with the “carbon footprint” and “social footprint” of their goods. The next thing will be the “coercive footprint” of the goods and services you buy. The coercion that went in to producing something, the less inclined ppl will be to buy it. It will be a long transitional change. We all need to speak out about coercion and wake ppl up to make it happen. Provoke them, and possibly defend ourselves when possible.

2 Responses to “Jollege’s Voluntaryism”

  1. enleuk Says:

    Further arguments, in no particular order:

    – You mentioned that money only has value if other people accept it, does this mean you believe personal property will replace private property and replace wage-labour and subsequent artificial accumulation of capital with e.g a mutualist barter economy?

    – You say you don’t care about the property of others. However, everything on the planet has an owner, if you wish to acquire new property, you are necessarily engaging in conflict with someone else. There is no longer any free stuff on the planet to homestead and besides, when people homestead things like a river or the air, we are necessarily affected by it whether we choose to or not.

    – What about all the other animals? Humans are animals, so logically all animals should have the same right to protection against aggression and yet if everyone, including all non-human animals, should get whatever they wanted, including other animals to eat, then violence is inevitable.

    – How would homesteading state property work? How does one do to justify a claim to own e.g. a road or can you homestead e.g. a hospital? 

    – Let’s say the King only engages in moral affairs after the implementation of the new system. This accumulates his wealth disproportionally to everyone else’s since he started with so much more and if you’re rich enough you can by the loyalty of any mercenaries. You can build an army, by media, spread propaganda to rekindle tribal monarchism and conquer the rest of the world. Nobody cares about them anyway and, in your own words, people only care about themselves and their loved ones, in this case, the tribe.

    – The state is an artefact consisting of legislation and law enforcement. Law enforcement by definition uses violence. All legislation concerns property, either the property of the own body or private property or the property of corporate legal entities. The state came into existence only to maintain the concept of property by force. Has this no consequence for the idea of simply removing the state but keeping what caused the state to appear?

  2. enleuk Says:

    Also, capitalism is a ranking system wherein every single human being on the planet is given a numbered rank in a ladder system. The value of a dollar is relative the total amount of dollars in the world and decided by a universal standard, whether a gold standard or any other artificial standard. This means that the poverty of the millions sharing the lower ranks is determined by the wealth of the richest few. Since the idea behind accumulation of wealth favours the rich people who can afford to invest the most money, the poorest people get relatively poorer without being able to affect it simply by the rich getting richer. It seems strange to think one can live happily in isolation by ignoring every other part of the system one is an inseparable part of. And if given the choice, why would the billions at the bottom choose to maintain this pyramid that only serves the lucky few who started from the top?

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