Ode to Death

The smooth wall is ever present;

it sings to me, it resonates within me,

though it consumes all sound.

The topless tower radiates emptiness;

a dull, frozen impermanence;

but I can’t fathom this petrified dream.

I swirl about with my eyes closed,

no time to think of dreams.

I move joyfully to the incessant, droning knells

though I’m a puppet, unheard and unseen.

Unwillingly I stop and stare;

it is everything,

yet it fades before me like a memory.

It grabs my hand and gently turns me in the dance,

but the mystery ensnares me.

I fly and swim to escape the unknown,

yet the black wall finds me.

It expands towards me,

hypnotically dimensionless,

yet I keep swirling.


2 Responses to “Ode to Death”

  1. Mark Wilhelmsson Says:

    I want what you’re smoking!

  2. enleuk Says:

    Jag använder bara snus tyvärr. 🙂

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