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Nietzsche versus Materialism

August 3, 2017

Marx spoke of kraft and Nietzsche spoke of macht. In English these are both translated as power, which has probably confused some people. Kraft is a material force whereas macht includes e.g. the power to influence others without direct action, like the implicit intimidation of a king or the seductive powers of a beautiful face. The superficial difference is described in terms of Hegelian dialectics as master-slave and bourgeoisie-proletariat respectively. At this level both systems are equally muddled mixes of physical and abstract power. To remedy this I will attempt to be a bit more accurate.

Marx’s theory rests on the very specific idea that material forces emanating from humans define value. Nietzsche speaks of power more generally, but they both have in common the idea of humanity as an essentially distinct part of the universe. They had both read Feuerbach and obviously Darwin’s 1859 book helped shape the zeitgeist. It is apparent to me that Nietzsche’s understanding of evolution is insufficient (and he himself admits to not trying to prove anything) but that’s easy to say in 2017 when many understand evolution a lot better.

Nietzsche’s fundamental error is the idea of the perfect human, not all (more…)


Svensk debatt – individualanarkism eller anarkokommunism?

January 18, 2016

(Först vill jag bara notera att jag bara saxat andras texter och inte bidrar med eget material till debatten, förutom några extra historiska fakta i slutet. Personligen är jag emot både privat egendom och kollektiv egendom och anser att överenskommelser ska vara situationsanpassade och får inte utgå ifrån antagandet att virtuella koncept som ägande har permanent validitet. Jag föredrar alltså ingen av de två strömningarna som här diskuteras utan föredrar en slags variant av ömsesidig hjälp.)

Carl Johan Björklund, född 1884 i Uppsala, skrev såhär år 1969, två år innan han dog, om tiden strax före första världskriget:

“Varifrån Stirners anhängare fått den uppfattningen att han var motståndare till organisation vet jag inte. Stirner betonar nödvändigheten av organisationer och han var själv initiativtagare till en organisation i Berlin för att rationellt fylla människornas behov av mjölk. ‘Det är alltid fördelaktigt att vi enar oss om de mänskliga arbetena, så att de inte som under konkurrensens epok upptar all vår tid, alla våra omsorger.’ Stirner svarar utan förbehåll ja på följande av honom själv formulerade frågor: Bör jag inte ta levande del i den andres liv, bör inte hans glädje och hu: väl ligga mig om hjärtat, skall inte den njutning jag bereder honom för mig vara mer än andras egna njutningar? På ett ställe säger också Stimer att han älskar människorna, inte blott enskilda människor utan alla – därför att ‘kärleken gör mig lycklig, därför att det är naturligt för mig att älska, emedan det behagar mig’.

Även om Stimer inte känner något ‘kärlekens bud’, hyser han medkänsla med varje levande väsen. Föreningen är för Stimer en multiplikation av den enskildes kraft. ‘Som enskild kan du försvara dig genom föreningen. ty det är inte föreningen som besitter dig utan du besitter och gör dig nytta av föreningen’, säger han.


Re: Beyond Dialectics/Critique of Fascism

October 12, 2015

Democracy “will in practice lead to the destruction of a people’s true values”

I think your Hitler quotes show mainly buzzwords and populism. I think he used nationalism because it was the most popular ism at the time.

“preservation and intensification of the race”
“primarily serve the preservation of physical life”

Preservation might be a good word to describe fascism, or maybe bodily self-defense, or (more…)

Min debatt med en representativ demokrat

December 8, 2014

A: Alla demokratiska statsskick gör en avvägning mellan folkviljans genomslag och möjligheten att få till ett effektivt styre av ett land. Sverige också, se bara på fyraprocentsspärren. 4,0 procent betyder “välkommen in”, 3,99 procent betyder “dig bryr vi oss inte om, inte ett skvatt faktiskt”.

OM det är så att blockpolitiken är här för att stanna och OM det finns tre block som vägrar prata med varandra så går det inte att få till ett effektivt styre. Svaret är då att införa ett valsystem som ger möjlighet att skapa just detta. Svaret är inte att tricksa och begränsa hur våra folkvalda får rösta.


My Rebuttal to a Metaphysicist

July 6, 2012

“To not believe in the Spiritual realm of our existence means nothing I say will matter to ya”

I disagree. I can listen to your arguments all day despite being a materialist. I think you fear that nothing you can say will be able to change my mind because that might mean that you don’t really have something revolutionary to say. You might use the same arguments others have used already and that have been shot down and let’s face it, so far religion  vs science is 0 –  100, the scientific method is the champion. We know now that we know. We know that we are things that know things, including the thing that is ourselves. We can look at it, we can feel it, we can hear it, we can taste it, we can smell it, we can dissect it, we can build on it, we can articulate it, we can reason about it, we can imagine it, we can dream of it, we can be it, we can be attracted to it, we can do it, as they say, we can fuck it, eat it and put it in a dumpster.

So, what is it? It’s you. Your body, your mind, your memories, your mental connection of interrelated concepts, your neurochemoelectrobiological processes and structures, your neuron cells, your hydrophobic cell walls, the enormous and unique molecule DNA that has created your body. Did God create billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each to fuse the tiny, teeny, really, really, really petite and wee lil little protons into atoms and blew up the stars like they were just flares that fizzle and die in a second? We’re really small compared to the star balls bursting while our sun is 4500 000 000 years old, as is the solar system, including earth but not the people who have lived here for not a very long time considering the threat of the bursting bubble overhead. But since we’re so small, we don’t have to worry about that happening any time soon. Instead we adapt to an environment which contains a sun, and an atmosphere, and gravity, and trees, and bugs, and water and carbon and nitrogen, which contain the same atoms that make up the DNA molecule. Wasn’t it clever of God to make everything out of the most common things, makes so much more sense. Almost so much sense it was self-evident and would happen even without a god just because of the laws of gravity and chemistry and matter and motion. Surely, it’d be hard to predict that humans would exist and we are unique, but the universe is material and it can be predicted, you just need more computational power than is in the universe to predict it, however, some predictions don’t need 100% accuracy. We can use our knowledge of the material world to explore ourselves, the universe and the smallest and biggest and oldest and fastest and the edges of the universe, although that might take millions of years and I’ll just mention it now and wont make it part of my election campaign for king of the universe in the year 232,100 ANNO DOMINI.

So, how can it be mental? We can study the body and compare objectively with each other and then compare that with our subjective experience. We find that it’s coherent to talk of the body as a material structure, a chemical signature in the universe, brought forth as a shield to protect and nourish the spread of the DNA molecule. That’s the meaning of life. As social and mental beings we don’t have to care about the meaning of life if we don’t want to. It is not coherent to talk about angels and gods and unicorns. Instead we ask if the body holds the answers to our souls and it turns out that the mind is produced by a machine which we can describe in detail down to the size of atoms, we even find the material causes of the mental experiences that proponents of metaphysics invoke as evidence for their immaterial claims. We can find the answers to deja vu, fear, vision, feelings, sex, the belief that the universe must be like humans, caring and willful, the belief that we are a magical constant that travels through time, but time is just a function of motion and we are not constant souls, we are new states of mind produces every new day, every time a single thing moves in the brain (except the sub/unconscious stuff), produced by the machine and always brand new. The reason we think we are continuous is because when our new us’ experience the world, the think about their past as it has been stored in the neurocellular structure and is activated by the input and roundput in the brain and upon remembering the past experiences of the body, we identify with that body, mistaking it for a soul.

Ännu en debatt med en nationalist

January 31, 2012
  • @karleinararne Being nationalistic means you think your own nation is better than others. This is also called cultural conservatism. It’s also necessarily racist prejudice generalization. Any adjective is relative, like, you can only have tallness if something is relatively shorter. So, saying your culture is good necessarily implies other cultures are worse. You can call it culturalism if you like, but it’s still just like good old nazi racism. (Nazi is short for nationalism btw)

Min debatt med två xenofober

March 21, 2011
13 kommentarer till Onyanserat om nyansering i Falköpings Tidning
Eric skriver:

En helsida med ”folkuppfostran så alla ”tycker rätt”??

Göran skriver:

Vad nytt kan månne den goda nyhetschefen ha att tillföra?
Hur den s.k. invandringen fungerar är sedan länge en offentlig hemlighet. (more…)

My Debate with a Gnostic

March 4, 2011

Comments on this youtube video:          watch?v=9LV3G7Pjel0

Incredible how much wisdom in so little time this can contain! It made me pour our tears, both for the abundant life we are surrounded by, and for the amount of knowledge we need to have in order to succeed as human race!
Sometimes it makes me wonder if we are a virus as the Matrix movie says!

We are not a virus, we however have been infected with a virus & embrace it and d everything in our power to grow it, nurture it, and have even recently began worshiping it publicly as a God. That virus is ego and ego has 7 main symptoms-lust, pride, gluttony, wrath, sloth, envy, & greed.
I will tell you what we are-we are the zombies roaming the planet feeding off one another as cannibals as depicted in the movies Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Doom and so many others.
Zombies not viruses

@detersbb “recently began worshipping” the ego as God? Really? Both the Abrahamic religions and the Dharmic religions say that the soul is divine and these are hardly what I would call new theologies. And why 7 sins and not 5 or 9? Catholic propaganda. Please update your brain to the 21st century. All life is related because DNA is a temporary part of a 3 billion year old chemical reaction that is unique to this planet and that’s why we treasure it, not because of imagined metaphysics.

@Enleuk Truth is truth regardless is you accept it, or call it propaganda.
Please update your brain to timeless wisdom.


My Debate with a White Supremacist

January 1, 2011

“The Freedom of association is necessary for our race’s interests. The supreme court have sidestepped the true intentions of our founders by interpreting the provisions in the first amendment in a way that renders them ineffective. Thus, it is logical to draft new legislation that explicitly grants the freedom of association for all. What do you think is a “necessary” course of action?”

“Our race’s interest” What world do you live in? I don’t agree with (more…)

Humans Will Die from Improper Waste Management

December 14, 2010

[comment on a post about recycling technological products Transitioning to an economy of reuse]

The throw-away society is actually a buy new stuff society. The throwing away is just a consequence of not needing two of everything, so any solution must target the excess consumption. Today it has become impossible to buy quality products, even in trades like clothing or furniture, because people don’t buy quality anymore, they think 6 months ahead and want the most disc space they can afford. Instant satisfaction caused by a lack of real satisfaction from living the life they wanted. People don’t have real motivation for their jobs, they are forced to do it for a non-satisfactory symbolic value they can trade for goods. Without real motivation, there’s no real satisfaction. It’s like an addict trying to fill a psychological hole with drugs. Cause and effect don’t add up. [Need and satisfaction] This is not the companies faults, they are only looking to taking away as much money from people as possible, which is the purpose of a company. It’s the consumers that are to blame for the companies’ strategies of building integrated, non-compatible, irrepairable, low-quality products. If we want capitalism we have to accept a psychotic society.


My Debate with a Solipsist/Taoist/Advaitin

November 28, 2010

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I believe in the experience of being, that which is beyond words. This also means I don’t believe it is God or metaphysical or anything I can name. It just is.

I see the network of my brain and realize all my knowledge is relative because the network is a part of the universe and so I can only judge truth as subjective and relative (except the absolute truth which is beyond all concepts). And through relativity (logical deductions) I see there is no immaterial free will, there is only one life, I am my body and nothing else.

This makes me happy; I am a body, I may not know what that ultimate means, but


My debate with a Kabbalist

October 1, 2010

[23:31] <anonymous> ok i got some introduction
[23:31] <anonymous> but i want to ask you something
[23:32] <enleuk> shoot
[23:32] <anonymous> 1 – its only for you, cause u asked for it.
[23:32] <anonymous> 2 – forget religion, any religion, what u will see IS NOT a religion.
[23:32] <anonymous> u can hate a religion, as i do and learn this
[23:33] <enleuk> ok, sounds good (more…)

Min debatt med scientologer

October 1, 2010

Reinkarnation – det mest sannolika

18 september 2010 av hubbardianen

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  1. Du säger att det bara finns tre alternativ: “* Man är sin kropp och när den avlider så dör man själv.
    * Man är en andlig varelse och när kroppen avlider så frigörs man själv, lämnar sin kropp och väljer sedan att ta en ny kropp och reinkarneras.
    * Man är en andlig varelse som hamnar i himlen eller helvetet.”


Svenskarna FÖRST!

September 25, 2010
[Detta är en kommentar till]

Vem svälter ihjäl i Sverige?

Vilka utsätts för tortyr?

Vilka utsätts för religionsförtryck?

Vem avrättas på grund av sin regimkritik?

Det pratas mycket om SD nu, men är det som sägs vettigt?

Vilken misär är det ni pratar om? Om 1 miljon invandrare lever i misär, dvs mer än 10% av Sveriges befolkning, (more…)

Prosthetic Gods by

July 31, 2010

See the post here:

enleuk Says:
July 30, 2010 at 7:19 AM

Technology has been a part of ourselves for a long time. We define ourselves through wall papers, car brands, cell phone colours, clothes et cetera. And there’s no reason to draw the line where the skin ends, mainly because it’s a fuzzy line that can’t be drawn even if you wanted to define yourself as a unitary being. You can cut a thumb off and you’d still be you.

In cognitive science the mind is often talked of as extended beyond the brain. The brain functions like a command central that fetches information from the memory and brings it to awareness. Similarly, a library and even the internet is accessible to this brain function and the only difference is that you’re getting the information from outside the brain instead of from the memory. The library, if you have index knowledge of it, is a part of your mind.

What I find interested is how we will modify our bodies in the future. There’s no theoretical problem in changing the DNA to produce a 500 ft tall metal human. At the same time there’s no theoretical problem in building a 500 ft tall metal exo-skeleton with a driving seat fit for a human connected directly to the brain (Brain-Machine Interface). And similarly there’s no theoretical problem in building a 500 ft tall metal robot with a learning artificial neural net as complex over even more complex than a human brain.

The philosophical problem for those who believe in a soul and other metaphysical phenomena would be to explain why these three beings are all self-conscious. A materialist would not face this problem. A deconstructivist would say the metaphors of soul and self-consciousness are misleading. A Buddhist would say that the material reality is a delusion. But a dualist and a transcendentalist would have to say that the robot was programmed to say it was self-conscious and that in reality what the robot is saying are just words. I’d say, in reality, that’s exactly what humans are already doing. Language is confusing our understanding of existence.

Abortion, Contraception, and Social Security by

July 31, 2010

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“People are under the erroneous impression that they pay into the Social Security system for themselves, and liberals have done absolutely nothing to discourage this impression they have of Social Security.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The SS system is set up so that members of the workforce pay into the system for the people going into retirement ahead of them.  So we are paying for others’ retirement and others are paying for our own retirement under this system.  Aside from the affront to liberty regarding our own monetary affairs that this system represents, there is only one way that this system could work out mathematically: the government must value human life and dignity above all else and it must value marriage as the life-giving institution that it is.  If the government ceases to do this, which it has, you wind up with more people entering retirement than there are people in the workforce to support their SS checks.


the “path”delusion by

July 31, 2010

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“Religions and dogmas tends to point out towards a distant “perfection” one has to aim too.
Its the typical “carrot in front of the donkey nose” procrastination postponement, avoiding the experience of the here&now including past&future.
The more the human tries to “better”himself towards this goal, the more he is missing self acceptance.”

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  1. enleuk says: (more…)