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Subjectivity; Inwards and Outwards

June 1, 2017

A subject experiences the universe from a specific point of view. So we have an inwards direction towards the subject and an outwards direction in the opposite direction. In other words we have a from-the-inside-perspective and a from-the-outside-perspective. A subject can never achieve the latter, but let’s start with the insider-view.

When I use my brain to think of something that’s from the inside and when we describe what’s happening in someone else’s brain that’s from the outside. To be more specific let’s think of the description we have of an electron. Electrons orbit a nucleus of protons (more…)

What’s the Difference between a State, a Nation and a Society?

May 31, 2017

The state

There are two definitions of states. The first, and original, one is the same as the one in the phrase “status quo ante bellum” meaning “the state of things before the war” -> “as before” or “as usual”. The same literal definition is found in a sentence like “Look at the state of your hair, it’s a right mess!” This type of state encompasses the whole of something, it’s a description of the combined state of everything involved; a totality or summation; the sum total.

The other state is a specific organization. Currently there are a couple of (more…)

Identity, Generalization and Association

March 2, 2017

I’ve written about these concepts in my latest blog posts, but thought I’d explain them shortly in a separate text.

There are no two identical things. If two things were identical in all aspects, including their position in time and space, they would not be two things, they would be the same thing. Yet, without similarities between things, we would not be able to think.

In mathematics all numbers and terms are derived from the number 1. As an example, we (more…)