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An Argument for the Unifying Qualities of Anarcho-Pacifism

December 9, 2014

Anarcho-pacifism in my view consists of two principles:

Strife against hierarchies, towards peace.

I contend that anarcho-pacifism defined this way can incorporate not only all anarchists, but also all pacifists and even all socialists and liberals and a bunch of other people. Anarcho-pacifism is a tendency within anarchism caused by several people who were both anarchists and pacifists and it is perhaps not an ideology in its own right, yet. In my opinion, anarcho-pacifism in its combined state goes beyond the promotion of peace and the rejection of the state. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The point of departure for my thought-process is India 1,800 years ago. (more…)

What’s an SJW – Social Justice Warrior?

October 1, 2014

I discovered the term when reading about #gamergate. Although it did not originate with this, it seems to be the catch-all phrase for the enemy of the gamers. There is no definition of who is on either side of the gamergate war but it seems that people too often revert to “hardcore gamers” versus “SJWs”. But before we get to the definition, we must look at the anon culture which propagates the term, and, ultimately, maybe I’ll be able to tell what justice really means. I’m not gonna dwell on gamergate, but I’ll explain it in order to segway into anon culture and from there discuss the philosophical aspect of social justice within (more…)

Quote of the Day: John Ball

February 15, 2011

“When Adam dalf, and Eve span, who was thanne a gentilman? From the beginning all men were created equal by nature, and that servitude had been introduced by the unjust and evil oppression of men, against the will of God, who, if it had pleased Him to create serfs, surely in the beginning of the world would have appointed who should be a serf and who a lord” and Ball ended by recommending “uprooting the tares that are accustomed to destroy the grain; first killing the great lords of the realm, then slaying the lawyers, justices and jurors, and finally rooting out everyone whom they knew to be harmful to the community in future.”

When Adam delved and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?[3] From the beginning all men by nature were created alike, and our bondage or servitude came in by the unjust oppression of naughty men. For if God would have had any bondmen from the beginning, he would have appointed who should be bond, and who free. And therefore I exhort you to consider that now the time is come, appointed to us by God, in which ye may (if ye will) cast off the yoke of bondage, and recover liberty.[4][5]

– John Ball “mad” priest of Kent holding a sermon on a hill during the peasants revolt 1381.

Election Sweden 2010

September 14, 2010

So, I was asking for a party that wants to remove the monarchy, because they get houses and money by right of blood, which doesn’t sound very democratic. And I asked for mass immigration, Sweden can hold the same amount of people as Germany, which means a population increase of almost 1000 percent. And I asked for the abolition of the state threat of police and military violence used to uphold the law. But there is no such party.

On the telly there are men and women, in seeming denial of being 1 DNA-holding cell growing into 10 billion cells, talking about the best way to give people jobs (more…)

Abuse of 16-year-old Sex Slave to Court

June 8, 2010

A 16-year-old girl in Sweden met a 32-year-old guy online, signed a document explaining she wanted to be his slave for him to punish and disgrace however he saw fit. The girl was put in a dog cage, whipped and fastened to the wall by her nipples. Now an attorney is taking the man to court because it is possible that the court will decide that “some violence can never be consensual”.

Ok, so there’s a lot of complicated stuff here. In Sweden euthanasia (killing someone who wants to die), even though it is the free will and sane desire of the person who wants to die. So, legally, it would not be surprising if it was decided that a certain amount of abuse cannot ever have been desired. It is assumed that couples who engage in sadomasochism and similar activities sometimes hurt each other a lot. But they never press charges because that’s how they like it. So, what would happen if they forget to close their curtains one day and someone reports them? Now, legally, not surprising. However, logically, does it make sense?

In this case the girl is said to have a mental problem, a self-harm disorder. She is also 16. My question is: Who decides who knows what they want and who acts against their will? The girl felt bad about what had happened. I’m myself opposed to written rules and line-drawing in this arbitrary world, so all I can offer as a solution is that we stop focusing on whether people are 5844 or 5845 days old and try to be more discerning towards people’s wishes. The 32-year-old must have a responsibility to make sure that the 16-year-old knows what she’s doing and will not regret it later. The 16-year-old must also have a responsibility to make sure the 32-year-old knows what he want. This may sound simplistic but imagine a scenario where both people knew exactly what the other one wanted and wanted to oblige each other’s desires and were able to fulfil them you’d know that both of them would be happy whatever the actions were and how it would seem to an outside observer.

Of course, the main problems are that we a) are not psychic, b) change our minds over time and c) don’t even know what we want ourselves. But, knowing of these problems, we have a chance of learning methods to understand ourselves and each other and then we can be held responsible for applying these methods in all interaction with other beings.

Further reading:  “Operation Spanner was the name of an operation carried out by police in the United Kingdoms’ city of Manchester in 1987, in which a group of homosexuals were convicted of assault for their involvement in consensual sadomasochism over a 10 year period. Attempts at legal reform are ongoing and the convictions are controversial[1][2][3][4] due to issues of whether a government or one’s self is justified to control one’s own body in private situations where the only harm is to consenting adults.” -wikipedia

Today We Celebrate the National Day of Sweden – A Manifestation of Egoism

June 6, 2010

Nationalism and patriotism and many related terms are used to describe how egoism and egotism manifest themselves in society.

My starting point is that all humans consist of inseparable parts of a coherent universe. To care for your own body and mind more than others is to be unfair, unjust, unequal. To care for everyone as much as you do for yourself is to treat everyone the same way (you are included in the term everyone). To care for your mother and father more than for anyone else is not equality. To care more for your lover, brother, teacher, neighbour, than a goat in Istanbul is to be unjust. Of course, both the goat and your lover would probably prefer that you spent more time caring for your lover’s orgasm than the goat’s so equality doesn’t simply relate to quantity of time spent caring but considers the desired form and amount of care asked for by all individuals in the universe.

Nationalism and patriotism are difficult terms to define. Most of the time we mean by these words that we love our own country (the territory), our culture, our laws, our relatives (genetically closely related population), our common taste in music, our whatever that we define as something that binds us together and make us a group, and often that is followed by the dislike, hatred and discrimination of those who don’t agree. Usually there’s a lot of prejudice about who belongs to which groups and what their opinions and genetics et cetera are. Also, there’s often a desire for isolationism involved; people who divide people into groups want to divide them physically as well.

First of all, all humans are unique so dividing people into groups is more often generating prejudice than helping us deal with reality. Only when people are divided on the basis of singular subjects it has a positive practical function as opposed to division based on connecting subjects, like terrorism and islam or apartheid and vikings or whatever. Secondly, all actions are unique. We often connect ourselves with the actions of others. We take pride in the actions of people we defined ourselves to be in the same groups as. However, I didn’t create the democracy in Sweden and it is not a permanent thing so taking pride in it is not the way to maintain it. Besides, democracy in Sweden is far from perfect and I am personally opposed to the idea of nationstates and would like to see the end of the official Sweden. I don’t mind calling a piece of nature Sweden, but only if that comes with the recognition that nature is fluent and an everchanging constant.

To many people isolationism sounds like a good idea, because people of similar backgrounds don’t fight as much. I think that’s a valid point but there are two problems with that. Isolationism could be replaced by open-mindedness. If you strive to learn the thoughts of all humans that have ever lived you’d be able to get along with anyone. The second problem is that I don’t believe in ownership, I think it’s impossible to own nature, a dog owns itself, a flower owns itself, nature just is, it does not belong to humanity or individual humans, who themselves are natural and just are. Therefore a human has no right to claim a piece of territory for it’s group and exclude other groups from that territory, unless everybody agrees with such a division, which is perfectly possible of course seeing as we should respect each other’s lives, lifestyles and past, but the main thing is communication: just talk to each other and maybe there will be no more wars.

Anarchy 101: Committing High Treason in Sweden

January 19, 2010

There have been 4 major rebellions in Sweden in recent history, between 1300 and 1542. And Sweden has not officially participated in any wars during the last 200 years, even though we are one of the world’s biggest contributors to human suffering because of our huge weapons export. However, it is time for a 5th rebellion. The Viking blood may be dormant in most Swedes, but a spartan upbringing is enough to change society. This goes for all genetic variations of our species. You may sit in front of your computer screen, eating crisps, but physically and mentally we can all be whipped into our true potential. And now is the time to act.

Today, I will try to commit high treason. The Swedish law read “Den som, med uppsåt att riket eller del därav skall, med våldsamma eller eljest lagstridiga medel eller med utländskt bistånd, läggas under främmande makt eller bringas i beroende av sådan makt eller att del av riket skall sålunda lösryckas, företager handling som innebär fara för uppsåtets förverkligande, dömes för högförräderi…” which translates roughly as “He/she who, with the intention that the kingdom or parts thereof, by violent or otherwise unlawful means or with foreign assistance, is brought under foreign power or into a dependence of such a power or that parts of the kingdom is thus removed, takes action that threatens to realize the intent, shall be sentenced for high treason…”

In other words, I write a decree with the intent to give over the state of Sweden to the rest of the world and when enough people have signed for it, it will gain official status, as is the case with all other official documents in human civilization. This is my decree:

The physical territory of Sweden will be divided equally among each individual human being who makes a comment to this blog post expressing acceptance of this decree.

Before everyone in the world has an equal share in all the land on earth, people will realize that they have no need for superficial borders and nation-states will disappear. Just like the magic mist of supernatural beings is cleared by atheism, the magic mist of the artificial hierarchy clears and reveals the surface of the Earth as it is, a multitude of organic lifeforms as a thin layer on the partially watery silicon-clad iron ball with no objective judge to give it meaning, through anarchy; A flat surface where everybody stands equally tall in rank, wealth and power, all equally weak, useless and useful.

This was in the daily media flow on January 19, 2010, according to the calender adopted by the pope Gregorius the 13th in 1582, according to the very same calender.